Warehouse shelving

Proper organization of storage space ensures high productivity and saves money. Today, no warehouse can fully function without racking equipment. For this reason, the choice of installations should be treated with the utmost care.

Before deciding to buy warehouse shelving, research their range of products and basic features. It is difficult to sort through the large selection of modern racking equipment. And the wrong decision can cost you unnecessary waste and subsequent costs.

Warehouse shelving from Antes Plus Company

One of the most common ways of storing goods and commodities is through the use of modern shelving units. Shelving saves space, can fit into any interior and can hold large volumes of products.

Warehouse shelving is most often easy to assemble and install. A definite advantage is that most warehouse equipment configurations can be easily combined with each other. Nevertheless, it is important to consider a number of nuances. For example, mobile shelving units are arranged on rails.

At the same time, warehouse shelving from Antes Plus retains the ability to change shape, add additional levels and compartments. Increasing the height of the units and converting the configuration is sometimes the only viable option when it is not possible to expand the storage space.

We often encounter the need of our customers to modernize or rationalize existing designs. The steady growth in construction and rental of warehouse space means that customers often find themselves in a situation where they need to improve their existing space.

Among the warehouse racking options from Antes Plus, you can choose exactly what will suit your case. Professionalism and extensive experience in manufacturing warehouse equipment allows us to create design solutions that increase the efficiency of warehousing.

If you want to buy warehouse shelving but don’t know which one to choose – call. Our managers will answer any questions and help you navigate through the range. Warehouse equipment is characterized by a wide variety of models:

  • heavy duty racks
  • shelf systems for lightweight goods
  • multi-storey mezzanine structures
  • slab systems, etc.

Storage racks have the advantage of a choice of different modifications and dimensions. The analysis of the available room possibilities and the careful elaboration of assignments lead to the creation of models that fully meet the wishes of our customers.

Buy racks for the warehouse and do not make a mistake in the choice

Despite the rather large choice of options for the organization of cargo storage, there is often a question about the feasibility of this or that solution.

It is worthwhile to choose the right warehouse shelving, the advantages and choice of which is very wide. The focus should be primarily on the specific use, the logistics of the warehouse and the technical requirements.

Palletized (frontal)The most common storage system. It can be easily transformed and expanded. The number of tiers can be adjusted to suit your needs. Easy assembly/disassembly, suitable for a wide range of products. Free access to all goods. Moving of goods is carried out with the use of warehouse equipment.Installed in any warehouse, wholesale bases, logistics centers and hypermarkets. Suitable for use in areas with low temperatures.
Deep (padded)Shelving units with increased depth. With them it is possible to utilize the maximum volume of the room. Increased load-bearing capacity. Suitable for accommodating uniform loads for long-term storage.
GravityThe shelves are installed at a slight angle of inclination, which allows loads to be moved under their own weight on the integrated roller bars.The system reduces the time required to access the load. The highest possible storage density is ensured. The number of unnecessary inter-stack aisles is reduced. The number of errors in order picking is minimized. The number of channels and floors is limited only by the size of the room.The main disadvantage is the high cost.
CantileversMost often used for storage of coils, profiles, pipes, wood.
Shelf and medium dutyThe distinctive characteristic is the optimized design, small dimensions and adaptability to specific loads. Wide application: production, stores, archives, domestic premises.
MezzaninesQuickly assembled independent metal structure with pedestrian and cargo areas. May have more than one level. Ensures efficient utilization of the space. There are several types: on columnspalletnye (frontal) combinedThey are widespread in warehouses, production and trade.

Warehouse shelving from Antes Plus is available in a wide range and is designed for all types of activities. Manufacturing of warehouse equipment – on the main profile. Every customer can be confident in the reliability of the products.

Storage racks: advantages and selection

Modern storage units help to organize space in any room. They are also highly durable and wear-resistant. Warehouse shelving serves a wide variety of functions:

  • storage of goods in warehouses, sales halls and logistics centers
  • storage of specific, oversized, non-standard cargoes
  • organization of document storage in archives, state institutions, hospitals

Storage racks: advantages and choice from the manufacturer Antes Plus:

  • individual approach and project development
  • qualified and experienced staff
  • attractive pricing

To purchase warehouse shelving, please contact our consultants. Our capabilities allow us to create the design solution that is right for your needs.

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