Racks for chipboard

Chipboard racks are used for storage and storage of different types of materials: plywood and OSB sheets. Cantilever designs are quite convenient and provide direct access to the products.

Characteristics of chipboard racks

Cargo cantilever storage systems are used when it is necessary to place long materials: lumber, wood products, sheets of plywood, etc. Such structures are installed in production halls, warehouses and construction hypermarkets.

Chipboard racks – convenient storage of products. They are produced according to the technical specification, which specifies the desired characteristics and features of the goods to be placed. Thanks to the individual design it is possible to develop the most comfortable designs.

Front-loading cantilever racks offer both single-sided and double-sided storage. In the double-sided version, the brackets are placed on both sides of the support frame. In this way it is possible to store a larger volume of goods.

UnilateralSuitable for small spaces. It can be installed directly against the wall. The structure must be secured to the wall to prevent it from tipping over. This is worth considering when determining the load characteristics chipboard racks because single-sided racks have less load capacity than double-sided racks.
Double-sidedIt is usually installed in the center of the room so that the contents can be accessed from both sides. This design is more stable compared to the single-sided design. This is due to the evenly distributed load on each side. Thus, the shelving unit has high load-bearing characteristics.

In some cases, it is necessary to install the equipment in a single line. The load capacity is then increased, which is directly proportional to the number of units installed.

If you order chipboard racks from the manufacturer, you can perform individual design; The equipment created in this way will fully meet the needs of the customer.

Chipboard shelving, convenient storage and reliability

The structure consists of at least two vertical posts, supplemented by cantilevers. The consoles can be repositioned in height. Perforated metal profile is used for the racks. Additionally, the system can be equipped with a rafter system. This is required in those situations where the storage of goods is done in the open air.

The load-bearing capacity of the racks is proven in practice. The units are excellent for handling large volumes of long loads. The characteristic of chipboard racks makes it possible to use them for placing various materials:

  • tubing
  • PVC pipes
  • Lumber and wood products
  • products in rolls (films, fabrics, floor coverings)
  • rolled metal

Designed specifically for storing loads with long lengths, the racks have a fairly simple design. The main element is the uprights on which the beams are fixed. All design elements are easy to install and maintain. The standard basic model is designed for manual load handling. First of all, chipboard racks are convenient storage.

Cantilever racks utilize beams that provide unobstructed direct access to loads. They are perfect for items of various lengths. There is no need to modify the plant structure.

The beams can be easily adjusted as required. They can be fixed at the required level and, in the case of other loads, can be easily carried. Beams of different modifications are used: standard, straight and inclined.

In addition, properly organized storage allows you to sort materials by commodity characteristics. To ensure rational storage and convenient access to the products, it is worth ordering chipboard racks from the manufacturer.

The main advantages of these storage systems:

  • easy installation
  • The best solution for storing beams, profiles, chipboard and other cargo
  • possibility to organize single or double-sided storage

Order chipboard racks from the manufacturer

If there is a need to purchase equipment for placing chipboard products, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer. Antes Plus Company has many years of experience and guarantees impeccable quality of products. The characteristic of chipboard racks meets the highest requirements.

Our company is engaged in manufacturing of warehouse equipment of any type; We will readily produce the necessary products on the basis of individual customer requirements.

In addition, we carry out other types of work:

  • production according to standard and individual projects
  • assembly and installation
  • dismantling and relocation of equipment during room redevelopment

We’re easy to work with. If you need to order chipboard racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus, our specialists provide the following services:

  • visit for measurement
  • survey of technical features of the premises and parameters of stored goods
  • coordination of individual wishes for the equipment
  • Development of a storage system layout in accordance with safety regulations
  • creation of equipment design
  • manufacture of chipboard racks, convenient storage on which ensures optimization of work processes
  • delivery and installation
  • warranty service

Special constructions for sheet goods will last for many years. All Antes Plus products have quality certificates. The use of high-class equipment allows to organize competent and safe storage of any volumes of OSB, metal rolled products, lumber and other products. Ordering chipboard racks from the manufacturer is the right decision.

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