Double-sided cantilever racks

Cantilever racks with double-sided loading have proven themselves in the organization of storage of large volumes of long goods in a limited area.

The design of the double-sided cantilever rack

Externally, the storage system resembles two one-sided shelving units put together. The metal construction has increased strength and is resistant to significant loads. Such significant the advantages of double-sided cantilever racks make them very popular in warehouses with lumber, pipes, various longs, as well as in metal depots.

Approximate technical values are given in the table.

Heightminimum 1500 mmm maximum 6000 mm
Load capacity of one rackup to 4000 kg
Step to reposition the console50 and 100 mm
Length of one console (in outreach)400-1200 mm
The surface finish of the elementsenamel based on polymer powder galvanizing

The design of the double-sided cantilever rack is based on T-shaped posts, on which the consoles are horizontally arranged on both sides; Any number of tiers and sections can be assembled on the basis of such a construction;

Special stops and restraints prevent loads from accidentally falling; All system components are fastened with a robust bolted connection. Additional security is provided by fixing the base to the floor with anchor bolts.

The design features of double-sided cantilever racking allow you to install them for storing large quantities of goods in rooms with limited space. C-shaped profile is used in the production of racks (in racks and crossbars). The base is made of I-beams IPN/INP. This type of profile is produced by hot rolling technology. This provides ultimate strength to the entire product. Steel bars are able to withstand significant loads and remain stable even when subjected to lateral impact.

Rack versions differ in the way the cantilevers are fastened to the rack.

Split methodWelded method
Connections can be bolted, keyed or hooked. Hooks are relevant when the bracket is subjected to a minimum load. At the same time, connections on hooks are not so reliable. However, with this method of attachment it is easier to retrofit the structure for new loads.The variant is used quite rarely, as it is not as convenient as the split one.The fixed design cannot be converted in cases when it is necessary to adapt the racks for oversized cargo. At the same time, the welded connection wins in reliability and rigidity. The shelving unit is completely static and is used in the future only for a certain type of cargo.

In some models we can offer a folding console option.

If you decide to buy double-sided cantilever racking from the manufacturer, your warehouse will be provided with high-quality equipment. The racks are highly protected against corrosion, which allows them to be used in extreme conditions. All elements of the structure are painted with industrial quality powder-polymer paint. The protection is completed by galvanizing the surface.

Advantages of double-sided cantilever racking

What are the advantages of cantilevered structures? An undoubted plus is the possibility to produce such a system, which will fully meet the wishes of the customer. Before buy double-sided cantilever racking from the manufacturer, you need to go through the design stage. At this stage, the dimensions of the cross-section, the distance between the axes are determined.

The main advantages of double-sided cantilever racking:

  • has proven itself in the storage of long loads (beams, timber, pipes)
  • It is possible to organize sorting of products by weight, size, etc.
  • adaptation of the height configuration to the specific load
  • versatility and high load-bearing capacity
  • easy installation
  • providing direct access to units of cargo
  • resistance to deformation
  • easy control over the contents of the racks

Most often cantilever models are used to store the following loads:

  • pipes
  • fittings
  • roll materials
  • sheet materials (metal sheets, corrugated board, chipboard)

The distinctive advantage of double-sided cantilever racks is their ability to prevent sheet materials from rolling and damaging. This ensures the safety of the cargo.

Why buy double-sided cantilever racking from the manufacturer Antes Plus

Specialists of our company adhere to the following order of creating cantilever-type racks:

  1. Initially, the assembly of the vertical post is carried out, which consists of connecting the frames
  2. The rack is then connected to the supports
  3. Following this, the vertical posts are installed;
  4. After that, diagonal bonding is formed with reinforcing beams
  5. After the leveling procedure, the resulting structure must be secured to the base using anchor bolts
  6. At this stage, the brackets are fastened by the chosen method (split fastening or welding)
  7. The design of the double-sided cantilever rack finally assembled by experts. Only the height adjustment of the brackets during operation may be performed independently.

The professional team of Antes Plus performs all warehouse equipment manufacturing work from A to Z. So when asked why buy double sided cantilever racking from manufacturer, we will give you the answer:

  • with our own production facilities, we can offer the best price in the market
  • project managers will provide competent consultation on selection of the optimal equipment

All products of our production undergo multi-stage quality control and meet the requirements of European standards.

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