Barrel racks

Liquid products must be stored under suitable conditions. For this purpose, a special type of container is used, in which liquid products are sold – barrels. These in turn require suitable equipment – barrel racks.

Advantages of barrel racks

Special hermetically sealed containers are designed for organic and inorganic liquids. They can be used to store a variety of bulk solids. Barrels are made of polymeric materials, wood and metal alloys.

The contents of the containers must be stored in accordance with technology in order to avoid loss of their properties. In addition, the container protects the environment in case the substance is hazardous. These can be various fuels and lubricants, technical liquids. According to the rules for storing liquids, the container must be placed above ground level. It is for this purpose that special devices are used.

Advantages of barrel racks:

  • strength, reliability, durability and safety
  • construction protected against loosening
  • high load capacity
  • convenience and efficiency in operation
  • protection against corrosion and aggressive chemicals

Often, in violation of standards, containers are placed directly on the floor. They can be easily knocked over or damaged in heavy warehouse traffic. That is why you need to buy a rack for barrels in Kiev.

The rack is a metal structure designed to house barrels. The structure is based on rigid supports with rectangular cross-section and lintels. Thanks to them, the containers are secured, which prevents them from shifting. The structure is also supplemented with protruding beams for greater stability. This is a definite advantage of barrel racks.

The racking system can be tiered. It is adapted for forklift operation, which optimizes warehouse space. The design provides for 60 or 200 liter tanks. The containers are positioned in such a way that they do not need to be removed from the shelves in order to spill liquids.

Features of barrel racks design

The storage system is based on a sturdy frame made of supports with metal profiles. Horizontal shelves and compartments accommodate storage containers. The containers stored in this way are protected against tipping over. The design features of the drum racks avoid such situations.

The height of the shelves prevents the containers from coming into contact with the floor. The dimensions of the racking system take into account the dimensions of the containers. To determine the permissible lifting capacity of the system, the weight of the load inside the containers must be taken into account.

It is important to consider the ability of cargoes to emit pungent and toxic odors. When the contents are safe, a standard racking arrangement is acceptable. If it is intended to store salts, acidic substances, olefin and other hazardous substances, then the design should include special trays for collecting accidental spills.

To avoid deformation of the shelves, it is important to place the containers evenly over the entire area. Otherwise, deterioration of the structure will occur earlier than the specified service life. For this purpose, it is recommended to place loads of the same size and weight on the same shelf.

The advantages of barrel racks are in their perfectly adapted design for storage. Metal rolled products are suitable for intensive operating conditions, resistant to damage and designed for serious loads. Metal shelving units have a much longer lifespan than wood products.

Metal storage structures are corrosion-resistant and protected from fire. The steel used in production is able to withstand temperature fluctuations and humidity well.

Buy racks for barrels in Kiev

Barrel storage units have proven to be an efficient way to store barrels. This is why they are so highly sought after among industrial warehouses and small retail facilities. The design features of barrel racks allow you to create a variety of options for storing containers. Among them, you can choose the option that best suits your specific tasks.

In some cases, storage systems are designed to store a large volume of cargo. This requires massive structures. In other situations, small installations for several vessels are sufficient. It is often difficult to foresee all the nuances of storage in advance. If you need to buy racks for barrels in Kiev, but there is no complete picture of the nature of the stored cargo in the container, some options are provided.

In order to maximize the benefits of the racking equipment, additional elements are used. A special feature of the design of barrel racks is the possibility to supplement them. For example, having a support allows the load to be held in a stable position. The support can have additional rollers to allow the container to be rotated without removing it from the shelf.

It is often necessary to install special trays to protect the shelves from liquid spills. Their main task is to collect accidentally leaking substances from damaged containers, and thus protect the racking equipment from contamination.

Shelf trayAirtight container. Designed to collect accidentally spilled liquids from drums. Has a built-in faucet for draining accumulated substances.
Barrel stand “Rollers”Designed for turning containers without removing them from the shelf.
“Wheels” coasterActs on the principle of “Rollers”, differs by its larger size.
Shelf standServes for placing containers on it during draining.

Equipping of constructions with additional elements is made according to additional wishes of customers. To buy racks for barrels in Kiev you can contact the specialists of Antes Plus on the specified phone numbers.

In our company it is possible to buy a system with a specific modification for the warehouse tasks. We offer custom fabrication with any level of complexity.

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