Mezzanines on pallet racks

Mezzanine on pallet racking is a multi-level warehouse racking system. The structure consists of metal shelving and inter-story decking. The main function of the systems is the storage of bulky, heavy-weight loads. In addition, the installation of structures allows you to organize the rational use of working space of the warehouse in the presence of high ceilings.

Where the pallet mezzanine is used

Pallet-based mezzanines are most often used for storing heavy loads of large dimensions. The construction is based on load-bearing beams with complementary shelves. The floors act as passageways to the attached tiers. The size of the loads determines the size of the aisles. They can be extended to allow for unobstructed movement.

A distinctive feature of the pallet rack mezzanine is its ability to integrate with any type of warehouse system, even cantilever systems. For example, simple shelving units can be placed on the upper level with an open area. On them it is convenient to organize storage of small goods packed in boxes. By combining different systems, it is possible to put together a multifunctional design and thus get the most out of the storage space.Mezzanines on pallet racks | 1

Multi-story structures can be installed directly on the floor. In the other case, a mezzanine installation is provided, making it possible to get a versatile storage area.

The standard pallet mezzanine has the following characteristics:

  • with its help it is easy to increase the number of floors for the complete set
  • designed for use with wooden, lattice, steel and mesh shelves
  • Possibility to organize storage throughout the entire height of the room
  • space optimization
  • Multi-floor picking
  • large selection of additional structural elements for convenient work: ladders, pallet gates, railings
  • convenient installation of lighting and fire protection systems

The pallet mezzanine helps create routes for manual picking at all levels by incorporating footbridges into the design. The special structure of the plant provides options for creating multiple levels and independent personnel routes. The goods are collected both from mounted fixtures (e.g., clothing) and from boxes and crates located on the racks.Mezzanines on pallet racks | 2

Buy mezzanines on pallet racks from the manufacturer

Mezzanine designs significantly increase the efficient utilization of the space. If desired, it is possible to double and even triple the floor space by adapting the upper levels for a storage area.

Advantages Disadvantages
Possibility to use rooms with high ceilings Installation of additional lighting
Access of warehouse employees to any cargo Floor quality requirements
The usable storage area increases in proportion to the number of tiers High installation costs

The availability of pallet mezzanine storage systems on the market certainly offers great advantages when planning an efficient warehouse or logistics center. Installing mezzanine structures allows you to:

  • fill the room to its maximum height
  • diversify
  • combine storage

In warehousing practice, an approach has been adopted where different types of storage are organized on different floors.

It is enough to buy mezzanines on pallets from the manufacturer and complete the construction for individual tasks. Mezzanines on pallet racks | 3The maximum possible height of one level can be up to 5 meters. In such an environment, it is easy to install additional storage systems such as shelving. The permissible load on each floor of the structure must be taken into account.

The mezzanine construction on pallet racks is based on profiles of different cross-sections with resistance to deformation. The load calculation process should be guided by the cross-sectional parameters.

To ensure maximum stability of the entire structure, Antes Plus engineers use special software. With its help it is possible to calculate the optimum parameters for each element of the construction. That’s why it’s so important to buy a pallet racking mezzanine from a manufacturer. Together with quality storage organization systems, you get a competent analysis and a well-calculated project.

In addition to the layout, a whole list of parameters are also taken into account:

  • allowable load per unit area
  • floor type
  • optimal mezzanine floor height
  • temporary loads (loaded carts, personnel)
  • parameters of bearing and secondary beams
  • additional factors

All tolerances and safety factors are considered in every project.

To ensure the possibility of rational use of space it is worth buying mezzanines on pallet racks from the manufacturer “Antes Plus”. Our company has many years of experience in the design and manufacture of mezzanine units for rooms with different characteristics. In any case, palletized construction wins out in terms of its advantages over traditional solutions.

How work in the warehouse is organized

Mezzanines on pallet racks are assembled from galvanized racks, decks and other elements. The installation is secured to the floor using anchor bolts. High-quality securing of the mezzanine creates safe conditions for the movement of personnel with loaded pallets.

Special stairways are used for convenient lifting of warehouse employees together with loads to the upper floors of the installation. To maintain safety during the movement of loads and carts, guardrails are installed around the perimeter of the structure.Mezzanines on pallet racks | 4

The picking of goods on the upper floors is organized with the help of stackers and warehouse forklifts. The load then follows through the gate, which can be of three types: swing, swinging, swinging or sliding. Already after the vertical lowering/lifting of the goods, the warehouse staff distribute them horizontally using carts.

Provision is made to protect structures from collision with special equipment. With the help of bumpers and traffic limiters, it is possible to regulate the movement of traffic. Special markings and the installation of information signs also helps.

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