Single-sided cantilever racks

Competent warehouse organization requires rational distribution of useful space; Storage racks are used for this purpose. They are used for the rational distribution of goods and commodities. Improvement of designs by the efforts of modern production allows to create warehouse equipment designs that are ideally suited to specific operating conditions. This allows for successful storage and easy access to units during loading operations.

The design of single-sided cantilever racks

The products are a prefabricated and collapsible construction comprising:

  • of at least two vertical posts, their height can be up to 6 m
  • support cantilevers
  • screeds
  • stiffening crosses

Elements of single-sided cantilever storage racks are coated with protective paint. On customer’s request it can be painted in any suitable color.

A special feature of the design is that its load capacity can be varied depending on the tasks at hand. In addition, thanks to the simple installation, independent remodeling is possible.

One-sided cantilever storage racks are bolted to the floor surface for a secure installation. This method of attachment guarantees a high level of safety during operation.

The design of cantilever racks is based on the main structural element – the vertical rack. The vertical posts and the base form the framework. According to the type of construction there are 2 types of storage systems.

The so-called L-shaped models are designed for installation along the walls. They are characterized by increased load-bearing capacity. Suitable for storing rolled metal products and wooden beams.T-shaped variants of cantilever racking make efficient use of available storage space to maximize utilization. The load is placed on both sides of the unit.

In addition, both types have levels that are formed by supporting cantilevers. They can be adjusted to the required height.

You can order a one-sided cantilever shelving unit both in basic configuration and with accessories.

The main componentsAccessories
Supporting strut. It is made of a perforated profile. It has no joints throughout the entire height, which ensures high load capacity. The support arms can be mounted at a distance of 100 mm to provide the desired shelf height.The corners of the support legs (rounded). Prevent injuries to warehouse personnel
Bearing consoles. Bolted to the post. The thickness of the cantilever profile determines its ability to support loads.Limiting pins and plates. Do not allow products to roll off their seats and fall
Stiffening cross brace. It has an adjustable longitudinal tie. For average load values, one cross bracket is sufficient for 5-6 spans.Lintels – located between the supporting elements, used for storing pallets
Longitudinal screed. Its main function is to provide a spacer between the posts, the length of which is determined by the load placed in storage.Decking – acts as shelves

Depending on individual customer requirements, delivery sets can be supplemented with the necessary accessories.

Single sided cantilever racks for storage

If the task is to organize the storage of long goods, then here consoles are the best choice. The design of single-sided cantilever racks is adapted to accommodate large-sized products such as:

  • pipes
  • stoves
  • metal profiles and rolled metal strips
  • cables and boxes for electrical wiring
  • various sheet materials (chipboard, plasterboard, metal sheets)
  • products in rolls (carpet, linoleum, films)
  • lumber, timber
  • skirting boards, corners, trim

The design of one-sided cantilever racks allows for efficient storage of materials. With proper organization, it is possible to carry out dense stacking of loads, which will increase the return on every meter of space. Cantilever systems are the most popular in warehousing due to their quick payback.

Single-sided cantilever storage racks are characterized by their high load-bearing capacity. They are durable and easy to install thanks to the bolt-on fastening. In addition, they have an undeniable advantage when it comes to storing long products. The length of the structure can be any length and depends on the possibilities of the storage room. The presence of tiers allows to organize sorting of cargoes by characteristics of color, size, weight and other parameters. All units are directly accessible.

Order one-sided cantilever racking

Shelving equipment is widely used in various fields. Cantilever variants are the most optimal in solving the issue of organizing the storage of long, bulky and non-standard cargoes.

Order a one-sided cantilever rack stands if you need to equip storage on:

  • stock
  • in production halls
  • in logistics centers

Before you buy, you need to understand which design of single-sided cantilever racking will suit your specific application. Since slightly different assembly options will be required when accommodating similar and varied loads. Our specialists will help you to choose. Years of experience and professionalism will help to solve such a problem as the choice of performance options.

In some situations, when the height of ceilings in the room allows, the best solution will be order single-sided cantilever rack with maximum height. Appropriate loading and unloading equipment must be available. In case of compliance with the conditions you acquire not only, reliable equipment, but also significantly optimize storage space.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists for consultation. You will receive all the technical information you need.

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