Mobile shelving

Often you can face the problem of lack of storage space. What is the solution to this situation? A great solution would be to purchase versatile mobile shelving units. They will fit into an already formed warehouse space. In this case, additional storage options are available. Due to the ease of installation, metal racks are widely used in a wide variety of facilities.

Mobile shelving – how it works

The main feature of this type of shelving is its mobility. They can be easily moved to a new location when needed. This allows easy access to the loads on the shelves.

Installing shelving in a room is done in such a way as to utilize the useful space in the most reasonable way. The structures are distributed over the entire area, leaving only one free passage.

The main advantage of mobile shelving is its mobility and capacity. With their appearance in the warehouse, the stocking density of goods is significantly increased. The efficiency of the warehouse is at least doubled. And this is a significant indicator that can increase revenues. Therefore, owners of warehouses and logistics centers want to buy mobile racks in Ukraine.

Mobile products are made of steel. The structure consists of frame posts and storage beams. To increase stability, the racks are pulled through with diagonal ties. The housing is additionally equipped with wheels or rails. The choice of racking movement variant is stipulated at the stage of project development, as it depends on the specifics of the room where the equipment will be used.

When manufacturing mobile shelving units, the principle of working in a warehouse is taken into account. The racks of the products are perforated in 50mm increments, so that the storage shelves can be placed at the required levels. The crossbeams are fixed to the posts by means of brackets. In general, the structures are easy to assemble.

If you want to buy mobile racks in Ukraine, the manufacturer has the opportunity to arrange false panels, install limiters and mechanisms to reduce the likelihood of tipping equipment. Electric or manual operation is also available.

Mobile shelving can be found in a wide variety of environments:

  • commercial facilities
  • archives
  • libraries
  • government agencies
  • medical facilities
  • design organizations

Why mobile racks are so popular – the principle of operation allows them to be used in the widest range of applications. It is easy to provide storage for a variety of goods and cargo on them. If we talk about office and archive institutions, the shelving units will perfectly cope with documents and printed products. The shelves are also very convenient for placing medical goods, household chemicals, clothes and shoes.

Main advantages of mobile shelving

Antes Plus has experience in manufacturing metal mobile shelving. We can order mobile shelving units that will help to solve the problem of lack of storage space. Mobile structures are indispensable in warehouses with limited space, in archives, clinics, universities.

Racks require half as much space to install as stationary units. The fact is that only one aisle will be enough to accommodate multiple units.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of mobile shelving.

Quick installationInstallation of prefabricated structures takes minimum time
Large payloadThe ability of shelving to support an impressive amount of weight depending on the design features.
Ease of useBy means of an electric drive and hand wheel handle, the movement of the loaded sections can be easily controlled.
SafetyBy equipping the systems with locking mechanisms, the risk of unintentional movement is eliminated.
MultifunctionalityThanks to the perforations in the vertical supports, the height of the shelves can be adjusted to the required level.

We can not ignore another of the main advantages of mobile racks – laconic external design. Our products are characterized by modern design and will fit into any interior.

Where is the best place to buy mobile racks in Ukraine

With the help of mobile structures it is possible to organize effective storage in rooms limited by a small area. In order to solve the problem of lack of free space it is worth paying attention to mobile shelving.

Antes Plus specialists are engaged in the development of projects aimed at optimizing storage. One of the successful solutions is mobile shelving, the principle of which is aimed at increasing storage capacity. Mobile structures are superior to fixed systems in many ways.

The efficient mobile system allows you to store a large volume of goods in a limited area. All pallets and shelves remain easily accessible. The mobile rows are assembled in such a way that only one aisle remains free. In this way, the entire usable area becomes utilized.

Thanks to this feature, mobile racks have found wide application in objects of the most diverse profile. The decision to buy mobile shelving in Ukraine will benefit your business.

“Antes Plus” guarantees high quality products and a professional approach. Mobile shelving units of our own production comply with the accepted quality standards. In addition, we can offer a competitive price due to the absence of intermediaries.

Our benefits:

  • in-house production
  • qualified staff
  • affordable prices, individual calculation
  • short delivery time of finished equipment

Contact our experts for calculations and development of a customized project.

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