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Storage racks are storage systems designed for use in warehouses and logistics centers. The main material for the manufacture of shelving is metal. This allows the products to retain their strength and makes the service life virtually unlimited. They are also easily disassembled and can be moved to a new location when needed. This explains the popularity of shelving for warehouse storage organization.

Importance of storage racks in storage organization

A warehouse is designed to house a variety of material assets for storage. To create competent logistics requires organizing the rational placement of goods, their safety and create safe working conditions for staff.

To arrange an efficient space, a great solution will be to buy storage racks from the manufacturer. After all, in this case, the owner of the warehouse receives not only quality equipment, but also optimizes useful space.

Thanks to the racks, it is possible to minimize the occupied space and provide unobstructed access to any cargo. This is why modern metal structures have become so common. Once the storage systems are installed, the interior space becomes intelligently organized.

Among other things, the right options can reduce the time it takes to access products. In case you are tasked with buying storage racks, it is possible to get a customized design from the manufacturer. Custom manufacturing will ensure that the customer’s expectations are exactly matched with the final result.

When creating a customized project, these aspects are taken into account:

  • investigation of the territory and engineering communications is carried out
  • rack spacing is taken into account
  • storage capacity
  • expected load on the sections
  • racking dimensions

Storage racks, types and applications

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In turn, it is also important to consider the type of warehouse and which tasks the equipment should primarily fulfill. This will influence the choice of types of shelving.

Storage typeDescription
ProductionHosted by businesses. They are used for storage of manufactured products for further transportation.
RetailSeparate technical room. Shelf galvanized racks are most often installed to store goods.
WholesaleLarge facilities with a wide range of cargo. Front shelving is well suited for organizing merchandise.
Transit and transshipmentFacilities are located near marine and cargo terminals, railroad stations and airports. An important function of such warehouses is short-term storage of goods with subsequent transportation.

Obviously, for each type of warehouse, a number of specific features need to be considered and efficient and safe conditions for storing goods need to be created. Before ordering warehouse shelving, the types and uses will vary depending on the purpose of the warehouse.

Palletized systems are most in demand. They are adapted for storage in wholesale bases and warehouses and can support a load of 300-5000 kg on one level. Pallet racks are versatile and can be easily dismantled and transported if required.

Inbound shelving is best for storing uniform loads. Cargoes on them are placed on pallets. Due to the design features, the load capacity of the frames is up to 16 tons. The height of the racks is limited only by the height of the ceilings.

For long loads, cantilever systems are suitable. They are great for pipes, various coils, and wood. Construction hypermarkets and metal bazaars can’t do without such systems.

Antes Plus Company offers to order warehouse racks, types and application will be described in more detail when developing the project. We can offer a wide range of designs tailored to your application.

Buy warehouse racks from the manufacturer – the right decision

As a manufacturer, we are always ready to offer the most optimal and favorable option of warehouse equipment. Ordering racking equipment from the manufacturer will avoid overpaying and get a personalized approach. The result will be equipment that meets all of the customer’s wishes.

There are a number of parameters to consider before buying shelving. The variety of storage racks, their types and applications can be confusing. However, Antes Plus specialists are ready to provide detailed advice and support. They also study the site, its location and features. Only then can you start the design process.

Before the order is placed, the order is made:

  • site visit and measurements
  • analysis of cargo flow in the organization and technical parameters of the building
  • collection of individual wishes of the customer
  • equipment layout
  • production of shelving according to the scheme
  • organization of the storage system with finished products when they correspond to the order
  • delivery of structures to the site
  • equipment installation
  • follow-up service

Our own production of storage racks allows us to achieve high quality products. That’s why it’s so important to purchase warehouse shelving from a manufacturer. Thus, the manufacturing process involves the implementation of a full cycle: starting with the purchase of metal and ending with the assembly of the finished product.

In addition to the fabrication of the main structure, additional elements are also of particular importance. Bumpers, rack protectors have an important function and ensure reliable operation of the equipment for a long time. After all, the protection elements prevent possible deformation of racks from collisions with loading and unloading equipment.

Thus, the production of storage racks is a responsible process that results in high quality equipment.

All products receive technical data sheets that describe the characteristics and recommendations for use. Also products of our own production have certificates of conformity. Rational and reliable storage organization is our professional task.

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