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Shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus

Even a small area can be arranged in such a way as to accommodate a large number of items, tools, devices. Robust racks that come in different types and sizes can help achieve this. They are created from different types of durable materials that can withstand a substantial load.

Company “Antes Plus” is a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment in Ukraine

Shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus 7

Production shops, offices, warehouses, even an ordinary utility room can be perfectly equipped with appropriate racks. Antes Plus company is a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment in Ukraine, that is why you can easily apply for any solutions that fit perfectly into the space configuration. Sometimes it seems that choosing the right model would be easy. This happens because racks are structurally quite simple, but everything is a bit more complicated because a lot of factors have to be taken into account in the production process.

Company “Antes Plus” is a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment in Ukraine, so you will have a wide choice; The height and ease of lifting objects, goods, tools on the highest shelf are also analysed; Plus, you need to analyse whether a ladder is necessary; If you do need it, you will have to consider what design you should choose to reach all areas of the shelving;

The company “Antes Plus”, a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment in Ukraine, employs professionals who are always ready to give comprehensive information, clarify individual nuances; Among other things, they know the specifics of installation and shelving arrangement; But even that’s not all the questions; In the process of moving goods, equipment from one shelf of a rack to another or in the delivery of objects, it is necessary to take into account the safety for others, ensuring freedom of movement for other people; It is important to paralyse the entire production process when working with shelving;

Large selection of shelving for warehouse

Shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus 2

This reliable storage, racking products are always in demand in Ukraine; Provides a large selection of warehouse shelving all year round regardless of the season; They are purchased in different volumes, including large quantities; Racks are not subject to mandatory certification and meet the standards of DSTU EN 15635 : 2016 (EN 15635: 2008, IDT) “Sistemy warehouski statsionarni stalelevi”, there is supporting documentation.

A large selection of warehouse shelving is not the only prerequisite for a good purchase; It is necessary to take into account the kind of company’s activity, the specifics of a person’s professional activity, the peculiarities of objects that will be stored on the lower, middle or upper shelves; The features of the shelving structure, height, width of shelves depend on it;

In addition, one should choose according to the following criteria:

  • How many pallets, drawers can be accommodated and what dimensions are provided in the racks;
  • There are separate items for certain goods, for example, reliable shelving for boxes with archives and other files, for car tyres, medicines, essentials, household appliances;
  • What is the height, whether the structure will reach all the way to the ceiling or just below, to the middle of the wall;
  • Whether the shelving will be stationary or mobile, cantilever;

Antes Plus provides a wide range of prefabricated shelving

There are different types, which are worth talking about in more detail; Antes Plus provides a wide range of prefabricated shelving units, see the catalogue;

In addition, price tags sometimes need to be set neatly; Antes Plus provides a wide range of prefabricated shelving – any. For example, conventionally divided by purpose as indicated in the table:

Shelving designed exclusively for storage of products, objects, goods in warehouses, production halls, in archives of institutions They are not equipped with special price tag holders;
Racks designed to showcase objects to visitors They are installed in the sales areas, price tags are placed; Customers can touch, examine the products;

In any case, the racks are ready-made collapsible structures that allow you to transport them from place to place, dismantle them and then install the base; Antes Plus provides a wide range of prefabricated shelving – reliable, safe. Sometimes they have to be transported very often; The classic case: installation in sales areas or on the forecourt of shops; And when the facility is finished, the finished shelving is transported back to the warehouse;

What types of shelving units do we manufacture?

There are ready-made models for storage, business, product display. Many people have the question, “What types of shelving units do we produce?”; The gradations of the racks come according to the material:

  • Galvanised steel
  • Hot-rolled categorised carbon steel according to the State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 2651:2005 (GOST 380-2005)
  • High-quality European-made materials with improved mechanical properties and powder coating

As you can see, the variety is really great; Answering the question: “What types of racks do we produce?”, it is possible to subdivide them according to the type of construction (open or closed) or on some other grounds; In any case provides strength, reliability, stability even on a not perfectly flat surface with additional accessories to them; The vast majority of customers prefer prefabricated racking models that do not require massive equipment such as forklifts to install loads on the upper storage level;

We can also offer racks with different dimensions (depth and height), which we produce – which types of racks to choose in this case, we will coordinate with the customer based on his requirements; There are also palletised models which, as the name suggests, are matched to specific pallet types; There are Euro pallet ( EUR – pallet 800 x 1200mm), Finnish pallet ( FIN – pallet, finpallet,1000x1200mm) and American pallet ( 1200x1200mm); Such prefabricated racks have corner or front bumpers, stiffening crosses, posts, lintels between lines, diagonal and horizontal struts, ledgers;

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    Buy warehouse equipment in Ukraine

    Shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus 6

    In the catalogue from the manufacturer provides a detailed description, there are also photos that clearly demonstrate all the features; If you need to buy warehouse equipment in Ukraine quickly, you can do it; Versatile off-the-shelf robust shelving units are available, equally suitable for warehouses, manufacturing, commercial properties and even some residential properties; The Europallets mentioned above can also be of non-standard sizes, which should also be specified in advance;

    Anyone has the opportunity to buy warehouse equipment in Ukraine for standard, non-standard solutions, large and small-sized premises; Some off-the-shelf racking models are adapted to hold large goods with dimensions of several metres; A separate category are those solutions that are created for shops; Such prefabricated shelving units accommodate foodstuffs, including perishable products; Everything in the robust shelving units is designed in such a way that a person can reach perishable products quickly without delaying the trading process;

    The advantage of buying racking equipment from Antes Plus

    The advantages are many; For example, the advantage of buying racking equipment in “Antes Plus” is the reasonable cost; This is due to various reasons: optimisation of the supply chain, absence of intermediaries and numerous trade mark-ups; As you can see, the price of ready-made shelving will be lower than the regional average; But this, of course, is not at the expense of quality;

    Also the advantage of buying racking equipment in “Antes Plus” is the possibility to choose the best solution for oversized, oversized dimensions; There are also shelving units that are designed for very large warehouses and production halls; Sometimes a feature of racking structures is the need for forklifts to reach the highest levels of storage;

    Among the advantages of buying racking equipment from Antes Plus, customers also name competent technical support; You can always call, order a callback for a suitable time, write an e-mail, request additional information from competent technical support specialists; It happens that customers send photos of ready-made shelving units they are interested in and ask for similar solutions; Each order is individualised;

    What you need to know about reliable prefabricated shelving

    If you choose shelving with no aisles, it will save space, i.e. usable area – Stacked shelving ( Drive In ). They are also suitable for those companies whose business is characterised by a slow production cycle, a single type of product; This means that there is no need to move finished shelving, carry away and bring in new products on a daily basis;

    Really impressive multi-storey counterparts ( Mezzanine ) are also represented, which require specialised equipment and additional robust machinery to install and subsequently maintain them; Yes, not always such racks are required, but if, for example, an institution stores huge volumes of files and archive materials in specially designated halls, then the racks should be appropriate; They allow you to hold standard pallets, non-standard pallets, boxes or other items like car tyres;

    Customized solutions for your business

    It is impossible to say unequivocally what kind of ready-made shelving is the most reliable, convenient; It is important to provide customised solutions for your business based on requests, needs, capabilities. Of course, even imposing structures with several floors must be optimised for staff work and access to storage areas, so as not to make it difficult to reach the upper areas or create a real danger to others

    Plus, customised solutions for your business will allow you to choose relatively small mobile counterparts; Operated manually or remotely, they can be installed in different ways, increasing or decreasing the aisles; In this way it will be possible to make a redevelopment at any time, if it is really necessary;

    Among the customized solutions for your business there are ready-made models for publishing, books, long loads, construction and finishing materials, pipes, plants and dozens of other items; As you can see, reliable shelving from

    We can help you choose

      of today’s manufacturers are truly impressive;

      Cantilever shelving is another practical solution

      Shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus 5

      Cantilever racks are also common and are categorised as collapsible, ideal for medium or large objects: building materials, pipes; Cantilever analogues are also categorised into types. The following table will help to understand this:

      Single-sided prefabricated shelving Ideal for long wall storage
      Double-sided prefabricated shelving Adapted for long objects where the shelving can be accessed from both sides;

      But that’s not all; Good shelving units are sure to be reliable, stable; In particular, the cantilever analogues have additional devices in the form of chocks, bale holders, clamping reels;

      Large selection, prices and quality of prefabricated shelving

      A lot depends on the quality, reputation of the manufacturer, but that’s not all; It is very important to ensure installation in accordance with accepted standards; We have a large selection of storage racks, racking equipment because we manufacture them in-house. This allows us to guarantee ease of installation, assembly, or disassembly.

      Prefabricated shelving is a profitable purchase from our company; It is not for nothing that many customers characterise us as “reliable manufacturer in Ukraine”; Ready-made racks are delivered to all regions, not only in Kiev and suburbs, and all over Ukraine; Purchase with overseas dispatch is also possible;

      Among the customers there are also car service stations, which prefer to buy ready-made racks for tyre storage; A special individual approach can also be found when it comes to round objects, because they cannot be easily installed on a horizontal surface without additional fixing; To eliminate the risk of rolling, the racks are equipped with additional reliable barriers;

      Promptness, customised solutions when purchasing any racking equipment

      Of course, it is important to provide customised solutions, but a lot also depends on the promptness of the service; Sometimes racks for the warehouse are required urgently, sometimes customers are interested in such equipment in large volumes, when it is necessary to equip several warehouses, production workshops; Co-operation with clients is official. It is obligatory to conclude a contract specifying all essential conditions; Specifically, the following:

      1. Technical parameters of the racks;
      2. Cost.
      3. Payment terms.
      4. Methods of delivery of racks or racking equipment in Ukraine;
      5. Provision of additional services for installation, assembly;
      6. Duration of the warranty.
      7. Liability for delivery of finished shelving of inadequate quality or for breach of other material terms of the contract;

      Numerous benefits of buying ready-made shelving units for all customers

      The above advantages are relevant to all customers, including those who buy shelving, racking equipment in Ukraine not for the first time; Our company “Antes Plus” provides special terms of cooperation, additional discounts, the most loyal pricing policy;

      Personalised solutions, competence of employees will always be ensured; For example, sometimes customers are lost in a large selection of shelving for the warehouse, because the choice is really wide; They form their requirements not only to reliability, dimensions, but also to the possibility to close the direct view of the objects stored on the racks from outside persons; This is often found where it is important to ensure


      Reliable partners from European and Ukrainian suppliers


      Production of products in a short time


      Highly experienced and engineering and sales staff


      Innovative technologies used in production


      Continuous cycle of production

      restricted access in warehouses in customs control areas; In this case Antes Plus provides a number of constructive solutions in the form of gates, protective walls of welded mesh to prevent unauthorised persons from entering this area; It is not to say that such models are heavier, more oversized, they just have a special design;

      Easy sanitisation of shelving and racking equipment

      Nowadays great demands are also made to sanitary-hygienic, fire protection, epidemiological requirements; All materials shall be chemically neutral with respect to organic and inorganic compositions; Yes, there is a wide range of shelving for the warehouse and beyond, and all of these off-the-shelf items are designed to be sanitised regularly to remove small dust particles; Dust often occurs during the unloading and loading of crates, tyres, pallets, and pallets; The surface of the racks is smooth, it does not absorb moisture particles, dust; If you treat it with water or disinfectant compositions, shelves, rails, holders dry quickly and do not rust;

      Racks and racking equipment from a reliable manufacturer in Ukraine are created so that the rails, shelves, columns are not deformed in the process of unloading and loading of objects; These can be quite large metal storage boxes with tools, but in any case they should not scratch the components of the structure, leaving dents;

      Reliable and practical shelving throughout Ukraine

      The company “Antes Plus” is the production of not just reliable shelving in Ukraine, but real functional storage systems consisting of frame racks, beams and additional elements to obtain shelf or pallet storage; A height of no more than three metres is considered standard for shelf storage; Metal alloys, steel, are considered the classic solution; They are the ones that can withstand significant loads, exceeding a pressure of more than 100 kg per 1 metre; For pallet storage is limited by frame height up to 12m, maximum load per section up to 18 tonnes. Accordingly, the service life of such reliable prefabricated racking and racking equipment exceeds several decades; Much depends on compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding operating conditions; If mechanical deformations, damages that cause corrosion are avoided, the service life will be really impressive;

      Warehouse equipment in Ukraine by high European standards

      The shelving units are indeed created with the best world practices, European standards in mind; Our company “Antes Plus” takes into account the fact that often such racking, storage equipment will be used in unfavourable conditions, i.e. with temperature fluctuations, humidity, with frequent or periodic dismantling, regular disinfection;

      Yes, there are no high design requirements for racking in production, because racking, storage equipment must fulfil primarily production functions; But in any case, everything should look neat, not clutter the area, be without an abundance of complex structural, design elements; This applies to any racking for the warehouse, the choice of which is really large; By the way, many owners of ordinary trade pavilions and even not very large shops find such individual solutions for business very convenient, practical, reliable; That is why the racks are often found in Ukraine and in warehouses, production, trade facilities around the world;

      Fast delivery of racking equipment in Ukraine

      Once the customer has decided on the choice of shelving or racking equipment, other conditions must be stipulated; In particular, fast delivery is ensured; This applies to any type of construction, such as the following:

      • Shelving
      • Pallet Front Racks
      • Stuffed shelving units ( Drive In, Drive In )
      • Gravity
      • Cantilever racks
      • Industrial

      This is also one of the gradations of racking equipment accepted in Ukraine and all over the world; But she’s not the only one; You can learn more about each category; For example, front shelving units provide a good opportunity to store composite, homogeneous and heterogeneous loads with different dimensions; They are not too complex structurally, so you will be able to assemble them quickly, making the most of every centimetre; They imply open access to the goods, convenience in inspecting the contents on the shelves;

      The company “Antes Plus” is a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment in Ukraine and delivers it quickly, accurately, taking into account the standards; The most practical option would be to draw up your own requirements for such warehouse racking equipment, taking into account the dimensions, layout of the room, intensity of use, characteristics of cargo;

      If necessary, it is worth preparing and photos, drawings of finished shelving units that are required. Based on this information, professionals will select customised solutions for your business; A large selection will allow you to buy the necessary racking and storage equipment in the company “Antes Plus”, focusing, for example, solely on the cost, that is, the most budget solutions; Of course, in addition to the cost in the selection process is recommended to look at the length of service life, convenience, that is, to choose the optimal ratio between price and quality;

      Специалисты расскажут и о том, как регулировать расстояние между балками и полками, организовывать хранение не только габаритных объектов, но и хрупких. Thus, the advantages of buying racking equipment from Antes Plus are really numerous, and a large selection of ready-to-use reliable designs will be an additional plus;

      You can get acquainted with the cooperation agreement with the company regarding the purchase of shelving, warehouse equipment in advance, and subsequently leave your feedback on the nuances of cooperation, cost, efficiency of customer service;

      You can also read the reviews of others, if you wish, to learn more about the choice of shelving, its operation, installation and dismantling, the rules of arrangement of goods; All information is available on the Antes Plus website;

      Antes Plus