Shelf racks

There are various types of shelving units ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, residential properties and more. Among them stand out shelf racks, which can be easily and conveniently adjusted. You can choose the optimum length, number of sections, i.e. optimize to the dimensions of the room. The optimum load, the specifics of the stored goods and many other factors are also taken into account.

What good shelf racks

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Structurally, there is no variety of design frills, the emphasis is on practicality, reliability and, importantly, the creation of a safe environment for people, the surrounding space. Shelf racks, while structurally simple, are nevertheless considered demanding with regard to the specifics of the flooring. It must be level so that the entire structure is stable.

You will be able to easily adapt them to the necessary tasks, change settings. Shelf racks are capable of storing oversized and oversized objects. This saves space and makes efficient use of every centimeter of space.

Shelf racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”

In order to choose the safest and most practical option, you should consult the manufacturers. There are excellent shelf racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” that meet domestic and international standards. They are realized with a convenient possibility to choose the necessary parameters, settings; Suitable for storage of homogeneous and heterogeneous goods.

In addition, shelf racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” are lightweight. This means you don’t have to use material handling equipment to move loads of different formats. Especially relevant for those rooms that belong to the category of small or medium-sized, where it is simply not possible to make wide aisles.

Representatives of small, medium and large businesses are asked to buy. In shelf racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” takes into account everything. These designs (models) end up being low-maintenance, functional.

Varieties of shelf racks for warehouse

There are different gradations, i.e. divisions on different bases. This depends, for example, on the type of shelves, their dimensions. Archive shelving units are considered to be a classic. Perhaps, these are the most common varieties of shelf racks for warehouse and special storage facilities, where you need to place a large volume of both cargo and archives. Plus, they also place household and office equipment on them.

Yes, it’s considered a universal solution for a reason. Also varieties of shelf racks for the warehouse imply designs (regardless of the purpose of the model itself), allowing you to quickly dismantle them to assemble and reassemble again. These, too, are versatile options that don’t require a lot of time to customize shelf settings.

It cannot be said that among all varieties of shelf racks for warehouse prevail those that involve the use of bolts. Today, the bolts that hold shelves and other structural elements are not the only options.

The right nuances of choosing shelving

Someone focuses solely on the features of the brands-manufacturers. Today shelf racks are created including Ukrainian manufacturers. They are a worthy competitor to European and Asian analogs, including in terms of cost. Features:

  • Ukrainian manufacturers, for example, “Antes Plus” is an adaptation of the best European and international experience in general. European technologies and some components are used, but the price remains traditionally more affordable. The cost is also positively influenced by the fact that it is not necessary to transport shelf racks from abroad.
  • There are analogs with embedded stops at the front or back. Other accessories are available: book or folder dividers, etc. They are particularly common in universal shelf racks or archive racks.
  • These are stable models, they are easy to transport, they do not lose technical and operational characteristics during multiple dismantling.

Features of shelf racking models

Yes, it should be remembered that much depends on just how level the flooring will be, in order to eliminate the slightest risk of tipping over. And the features of the models will allow you to understand the following table:

If you need to provide convenient viewing of objects, not only storageIn this case, shelf racks, which are often seen in shopping, exhibition halls
If it is only necessary to store goods on shelf racksThe simplest designs are chosen.

To the features of this type of models should be attributed and the ability to store fragile goods, bulk or piece goods. The settings are changed periodically to adapt the entire shelf rack design to the specifics of the load. This option is suitable for both storage and product bundling.

Established production of shelf racks

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Sometimes customers turn to a Ukrainian manufacturer and firmly know what model they want to see, what size, with what kind of fastening. The production of shelf racks of various kinds has been set up. All necessary accompanying technical documentation including datasheets, instructions, operating manuals, etc. are available.

It is obligatory to produce shelf racks under the supervision of specialists, as it is important to ensure maximum safety of the finished solutions. These are metal structures, usually of frame type. They are connected by hooks or bolted connections. In the production of shelf racks there are no trifles. It is taken into account that the load can be quite substantial.

Order a shelving unit in Kiev

Since “Antes Plus” is a Ukrainian manufacturer, you can order this product at any time. In order to order a rack in Kiev, you need to read the catalog, description of technical and operational characteristics, drawings, photos of finished products.

Customized solutions are also created. You will be able to order a rack in Kiev as a standard, and unique, a special size. It is made on the basis of the project, technical specification.

Sometimes the rooms are non-standard configuration, with peculiarities of the layout. In this case, order shelving in Kiev should take into account the peculiarities of a particular space. Metal alloys, galvanized steel, wood and some other materials are taken as a basis. This applies to shelf models as well as other models.

Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” offers shelf racks of different formats

The product line also includes so-called “gravity” models, which have their own peculiarities. They involve shelves that have casters built into them at a slight angle. These are convenient frame structures that allow you to move objects. The table below will help to understand the properties of such shelf racks:

The gravitational force and the self-weight of the load are taken into accountThe model allows you to easily move large objects, crates, pallets
This option is also convenient where you need to store, sell food, cosmeticsThe design promotes easy handling of goods that need to be realized in a limited time. That is, it is the optimal option for companies with active turnover

Varieties of shelf racks for warehouses, workshops

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The cost of these models is affordable in any case. It is usually directly proportional to the features of the models. If some rotating elements are provided, speeding up the process of working with goods, cargo, it greatly increases the efficiency of trade. Such shelf racks due to the presence of additional accessories, structural elements will cost a little more. The general rule states that the price of a model is directly proportional to its efficiency, ergonomics, practicality.

Any varieties of shelf racks for warehouse are always in stock. These products are certified, manufactured with strict adherence to technology, safety standards.

This ensures the functionality of the racks

Quality racks, racking equipment are functional due to large compartments, compartments where medium or small items can be stored without the need for adjustment. For larger objects, taller designs with stationary or pull-out drawers are suitable. This applies to all models, including built-in, modular, enclosure, etc.

Provides functionality and the absence of doors, which is not the case, for example, with cabinets and other similar storage units. Racks are equally suitable for demonstrating products, zoning space, providing free passage, good visibility.

Structurally, they are also divided into sectional, transformers, closed and open, combined. Most often there is a combined type of shelving, which allows you to combine both open and closed compartments. Transformers allow you to easily change dimensions by setting the desired parameters. However, the additional functionality of racking equipment means a higher cost compared to less functional analogs.

Warehouse, production racks – allows you to effectively use space. The type of installation is chosen by each client independently. Someone is interested in cargo, mobile, cantilever, universal racks or whole impressive complexes of racking equipment of different formats.

It is mandatory to carry out pre-testing of shelving, testing, before the design is put on sale. In particular, vertical and horizontal loading is tested, and the effects of compression and tension, torsion and bending forces are tested. And, of course, there are “climatic tests” where exposure to very high and low temperatures and changes in humidity is carried out. Such requirements are objective, because in contrast to the usual household racking operation of storage, trade, production and other structures involves a long stay in unfavorable conditions.

Make an order shelf rack in Kiev in a few clicks

Yes, it’s a substantial purchase, dimensional, designed for years of use. However, the very process of buying a shelf rack from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” will be quick. If necessary, experts will provide any information regarding technical and operational characteristics, standards, installation and dismantling. All those who want to buy different varieties of shelf racks for warehouse can count on the following advantages:

  • The geography of the company “Antes Plus” is not only Kiev, but the whole Ukraine and neighboring countries. Delivery of products is carried out as agreed with the customer
  • “Antes Plus is among the leaders. This is a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer, producing shelf racks of different types not only for the warehouse, but also for other commercial and industrial facilities.
  • If you need to order a shelving unit, you can choose from a variety of different criteria. For example, there are models that store cargo on pallets or shelves with easy and quick access.
  • Also shelf racks can be categorized by type depending on whether the cargo will be viewed or not. It is not always advisable to show it to a wide range of people. In some cases, on the contrary, privacy is required. For example, when storing folders and files containing personal information about people, company activities. In this case, the racking models are protected by additional compartments, and only employees of the warehouse, archive have access to them.

Profitable cooperation with Antes Plus

It is easy to load from different sides of the racks, not only from the front. Loading is carried out both manually and with the involvement of equipment, machinery. The number of shelves, tiers is calculated. There are other features of these models:

  • It is convenient to take loads both from pallets and directly from shelves.
  • There are additional devices to provide stability to car tires, rolls, other rounded objects on the racks.
  • These shelf models are configured differently depending on the individual characteristics of the business. The fastening options also differ. Beams, struts, connecting vertical components in the models act as load-bearing elements.
  • Profitable purchase of shelf racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” is an opportunity to choose and fasteners, bolts, hooks. A special lock is provided to ensure additional stability of the beam in case of collision of loading and unloading equipment with the elements of the rack. Sometimes the impact is substantial.

The necessary equipment of shelf racks

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The equipment is selected depending on the variety, features of the models. There are corner and front protection, beam retainers, connectors, adjustment plates, anchor bolts and more. In this way, these shelf racks will be able to store a category of goods that are long. There are also lightweight models, the peculiarities of which are that they can be placed in utility rooms, workshops or even garages, i.e. they are actively used in everyday life.

As you can see, numerous varieties of shelf racks for a warehouse or other premises in Kiev can satisfy almost any request. In this segment of the market the company “Antes Plus” has been working for many years, creating high-quality, safe models for warehouse, business, trade, exhibitions, landscaping.

Order a shelving unit to save space

This is a really practical solution, as the models’ features and in the ability to save space. Often shelves or other racks are also installed in greenhouses, in the basements of buildings. Some models have special strength, increased load capacity. In these varieties, the maximum permissible load is up to 18,000 kg per section. Of course, it is not always advisable to choose such particularly reinforced racking models, so it is important to focus on specific conditions.

In agriculture, agro-industrial complex also appreciated the various models of racks. Sometimes on such shelf structures are installed quite heavy boxes with soil, seedlings, fertilizers, ready canned products, large containers with chemicals. That’s why the vast majority of models from leading manufacturers use steel, metal alloys. Steel is not for nothing considered the most durable material, which provides the shelf rack with maximum resistance to unfavorable external conditions. Also, the peculiarities of this type of models is that their operational resource is not less than 20 years and even more, if you follow the simple recommendations of the manufacturer.

“Antes Plus offers shelf racks with a long warranty

Since “Antes Plus” is a Ukrainian manufacturer of shelf racks, each customer can count on a long quality guarantee, which is confirmed by documents. Due to the variety of sizes of the models, it is possible to install some of them in very limited space, e.g. under stairs, in utility rooms, in warehouses.

Shelves, racks and other metal components are made of hot-rolled categorized carbon steel according to the State Standard of Ukraine DSTU 2651:2005 (GOST 380-2005). Powder enamels (standard colors RAL 5005, RAL 2004) are used as anticorrosive coating of the main elements of racking systems.

Powder paints are applied to a pre-cleaned and prepared surface using a high voltage electrostatic field, which creates a high quality uniform coating of the entire surface of the part.

Polymerization of powder coating takes place in a special chamber at a temperature of 180-200 0C. Such shelf racks are allowed to be disinfected, because additional treatment of metal and wooden components makes the surfaces chemically neutral with respect to organic and inorganic compounds. Often have to work in unfavorable conditions, with plenty of dust, moisture, so the usual metal alloys and untreated wood does not guarantee the longevity of shelf racks.

Our company “Antes Plus” develops exactly such models, the features of which consist in the suitability for operation in the conditions of warehouse, workshop, production. The models do not lose functionality when indoors, such as in a warehouse or outdoors. For any questions you can contact the company “Antes Plus”, which is located in Kiev and ask for help in choosing the right model.

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