Drive In racking

Въездные стеллажи Drive In (набивные стеллажи)
Въездные стеллажи Drive In (набивные стеллажи)
Въездные стеллажи Drive In (набивные стеллажи)
Въездные стеллажи Drive In (набивные стеллажи)

A great deal of attention is paid to the optimisation of storage space; The most successful solution is Drive In; They allow you to save a considerable amount of usable space; Drive In shelving systems allow for the movement of loading equipment within the structure

Shelving systems of this type are used to store goods of one type At the same time, space occupancy of up to 85% can be achieved, which contributes to business performance

Inbound shelving is the ideal solution for storing goods

Inbound (padded) racking structures made of metal are the most optimal solution for storage of single-type goods with a long shelf life Drive In shelving units are extremely practical and are characterised by good stability All this allows you to utilise your storage space to the maximum, up to 85%;

A distinctive characteristic of the systems is the possibility of driving warehouse equipment inside; The advantages include high rigidity; At the same time, the racks are lightweight and their frame can be changed in the shortest possible time.

In the manufacturing process, powder coating is used to improve the performance of galvanized frames. This provides additional resistance to abrasion and corrosion. Thanks to its resistance to various unfavorable influences, the Drive In system will last for many years, even in rooms with high humidity.

Drive In Use racking supports block pallet storage. However, access to some of them may be restricted. The pallets are installed in such a way that they follow one after the other in a channel (so-called storage channels), forming separate rows.

The design of the Drive In system takes into account the type of high lift truck used in the room. In addition, the Drive In entry racks from the manufacturer can be equipped with additional elements:

  • guides for forklift
  • strut guards
  • pallet stops on the back side of the channels

During the installation of the system, minimum clearances for storage equipment and forklifts should be provided.

Drive In drive-in shelving from manufacturer

Metal racks are most suitable for storage of uniform goods. They are also suitable for storing goods that cannot be stacked on top of each other due to their peculiarity.

The main areas of application of racks of this type are:

  • logistics complexes
  • production warehouses
  • warehouses of responsible storage

A fundamental feature of the designs is the possibility for a forklift truck to drive into the channel of the racking system. This method is suitable for storing large volumes of one type of cargo. Drive In shelving units are quite convenient to use, as their height can vary from 3 to 12 meters.

The company “Antes Plus” is engaged in the production of reliable structures for your warehouse. Our products are optimally suited for storing goods in the warehouse.

Drive In racking from manufacturer Antes Plus is characterized by durability, long life and excellent inertia characteristics.

Inbound racks have a load capacity of up to 16 tons. They are made of high quality steel. The permissible weight of pallets varies from 300 to 1500 kg. The construction is designed according to individual dimensions, taking into account the peculiarities of the object.

The advantages of Drive In entry shelving in use

Metal structures for storage can be found in a wide variety of objects, the scope of their application is very wide. Such demand for inbound shelving is due to the fact that they are best suited for storage of uniform goods. Thanks to them, the free space is utilized in the most efficient way.

Additionally, the storage of various products is solved. The pallets are stacked on profile rails placed one under the other. The shelving units are resistant to low temperatures, so they are also suitable for cold storage.

For a more detailed description it is worth considering the principle on which the warehouse equipped with Drive In entry shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus operates.

Multideck entry racks come in two types and differ in the principle of palletized cargo handling.

They are constructed of couplers and load frames.

Drive InPallets are unloaded and loaded according to the LIFO scheme. This means that the pallets that were loaded last are removed first. In these racks, unloading takes place from one end.
Drive ThruThe FIFO principle is used. This method involves a rational approach to warehouse operations. The principle is based on the rule: products loaded first will be unloaded first. Loading and unloading areas are located on both sides of the canal.

Drive In racking can be used for the long-term storage of a wide variety of industrial goods. These include household goods, household chemicals, car tires, construction materials, and food products with a long shelf life. Consequently, metal tiered structures can be successfully used in the company’s business premises.

Drive In in-use racking has important distinguishing features:

  • Achieving maximum utilization of usable storage space, which can be up to 85%
  • there are LIFO and FIFO types
  • organization of a small number of passages for forklifts and other equipment
  • direct access to certain pallets is not possible
  • rigidity, reliability and stability of the racking system
  • increased resistance to corrosion and damage.

The design of the main elements of the racks see in section General technical conditions.

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