Tire racks

Tire racks

A special kind of storage racking is tire and rim racking. They are designed primarily for storing car tires and metal disks. Specific cargo requires special placement in order to maintain its functional properties. The versatile design allows products to be placed for window display as well.

Where tire and wheel racks are used

Car tires and rims need special storage to protect the products for future use. Rubber tires are susceptible to deformation when stored in bulk. Keeping products in this position for several months leads to irreversible effects while riding. And disorganized storage of disks leads to loss of marketability, which affects the reduction of their value.

Special racks for tires and disks were developed to ensure reliable preservation of the functional properties of automotive products. Using suitable structures for storage increases the safety of transport products and organizes space.

Shelving systems are characterized by reliability and increased durability. At the same time, the cost of shelving remains affordable. Order tire and disk storage racks, the benefits will be obvious – professional equipment will last for decades.

The sphere of use of metal racks is not limited to private companies and service stations. They can also be found in manufacturing facilities. In addition, due to the design feature, the rack will fit perfectly into an individual private garage. And, of course, you can’t do without them in tire repair shops and in enterprises where finished products are stored.

In order to ensure stability during the use of the structure during installation, it is fastened to the floor on pedestals. It is also possible to combine several individual shelving units into a single structure. This feature is very useful for organizing the storage of a huge number of wheels in fleets.

Design Features

The racking systems for tire storage are a modular construction. The main feature is that it can be supplemented with individual elements. Depending on the possibilities of the storage room, the rack can be adapted to the required dimensions.

The main load-bearing capacity of the rack is based on a collapsible metal frame to which the beams are attached. The design can have up to four levels in height. The load-bearing capacity of one tier is up to 450 kg, and as a whole, the entire rack can hold a weight of more than 3 tons.

If necessary, the freestanding shelving units can be easily joined together to form a structure of the required length. The design features allow the shelving units to be customized. The step for vertical movement of the shelves makes it possible to adjust the height to specific needs.

Depending on the type of products to be stored, slabs of different materials can be used. As a rule, plywood sheets, OSB, chipboard and metal mesh are more commonly used.

Simple boardIt is treated with fire retardant compositions. Fastening is made to the supporting beams with screws
Plywood of various thicknessesIt is laid on top of metal corrugated sheet. Fastened with self-tapping screws
Solid corrugated or cut-and-pull steel plateWithstands maximum load
Galvanized metal pressed decking grillePerpendicularly arranged steel strips are pressed under pressure. High load capacity.
Metal sheet with corrugations and perforationsAbility to withstand maximum load

Racks for storage of tires and disks, advantages of products

Among the variety of design solutions of shelving stands out several basic types of shelving. They can be divided into three groups according to the method of installation:

  • floor standing, installed directly on the floor
  • wall-mounted, no contact with the floor, the frame is fixed to the wall and sometimes to the ceiling
  • combined utilize the advantages of both types

As a rule, several racks are purchased for the storage of tires. In addition to conveniently storing products, the racks will also serve as a great viewing window.

Tire and wheel storage racks, benefits:

  • versatile functionality for simultaneous storage and display presentation
  • easy assembly and disassembly: the elements are connected without bolts
  • low weight of the product, due to which the racks are easy to move
  • can be installed on various floor coverings, thanks to the design features there is no risk of damaging the floor
  • durability, high load capacity
  • anti-corrosion properties allow to use the structures in premises with unfavorable climate
  • versatility of designs provides for the possibility of modification of racks with the help of additional elements and combination of racks with each other
  • no need to use special equipment for installation

Why it is profitable to cooperate with us

If you are faced with the task of organizing the storage of car tires and disks, you are thinking about the purchase of racks for tires and disks. Antes Plus Company manufactures and sells racking structures for any purpose.

Cooperation with our company is attractive for several reasons:

  • our products are of high quality and durable
  • Antes Plus specialists seek an approach to each client
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  • flexible pricing

The professional team will help with the selection of tire and rim storage racks, the benefits of which are so obvious. You can leave a preliminary application at the given phone numbers. Our consultants are ready to answer any questions and find the right storage solution.

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