Lightweight universal shelving units

Universal shelving will always come in handy in offices, small warehouses, stores, archives, as well as in garages and utility rooms. Most often racks are used for storage of heterogeneous items, folders with documents and not heavy loads.

Main advantages of lightweight universal shelving

This type of shelving is the best option for warehouses of different profiles, wholesale bases and logistics centers.

The products are universal structures made of metal, on which all kinds of loads with a weight of up to 200 kg per level are placed. They vary in size and the way the shelves are attached.

Durable and sustainable designs can be customized to fit the specifics of a particular room. They can also be set in rows or lines, as well as back-to-back. The products are attached to each other by couplers or bolts. In the case of in-line installation with a universal fastening system, the number of supporting posts can be reduced.

The main advantage of lightweight universal shelving is the ability to accommodate weights up to 200 kg per shelf. In addition, the products can be equipped with special elements, e.g. additional chipboard decks. And by installing special beams it becomes possible to store car tires.

How lightweight versatile shelving is attractive:

  • multidisciplinary application
  • convenient transportation
  • simple and easy to assemble (no tolerances during assembly)
  • quick installation and dismantling
  • tier height adjustment available

The wide range of applications of lightweight universal shelving makes it possible to store both oversized loads and small items organized in containers or boxes.

Apart from the concise and outward appearance, the designs are quite easy to assemble. The shelves on the hooks can be easily moved vertically at a certain pitch. You can buy lightweight versatile shelving units of any size with customization. The variability of the load capacity is also adjustable.

The load capacity specified in the description is for static loads. Exceeding the specified rate may adversely affect the integrity of the struts. Loss of racking stability has the potential to collapse and damage the load, not to mention the risk of injury.

Following the rules of use will guarantee that the racks will last for a maximum period of time.

Buy lightweight universal racks in Kiev

Metal products are easily assembled structures consisting of perforated posts and storage beams. One shelf can support an average load of 75-300 kg.

Lightweight universal racks will fit perfectly into the interior of the apartment, cottage, as well as any sales area. Laconic design, calm gray color and compactness allow you to place the shelving unit even in a small room.

“Antes Plus” offers to buy lightweight universal shelving from the manufacturer. The products will be useful in the office, in the utility room, on the balcony. A significant plus of the design is the elimination of bolted connections. Therefore, the products are quite easy to assemble. And at the same time they are easy and reliable to use. Racks are perfect for storing goods without the use of loading equipment.

The most common coloring is light gray. Metal products are coated with a protective polymer, but in some cases the elements are made of galvanized steel. This makes the lightweight universal racks well able to withstand conditions unfavorable to metal.

Each shelving unit produced at our production facility meets high quality standards. Easy assembly, transportation and installation deservedly make lightweight shelving one of the most popular storage solutions. The ergonomic design allows the shelving units to fit into any office, where they are convenient for storing documents. The advantages of lightweight, versatile shel ving units are useful in the home: it is easy to place various things on them or store preserves. Racks are very convenient as a stand for indoor plants and seedlings.

It is also worth paying attention to the weight of metal products. The shelving units are lightweight enough that moving or rearranging will not be a burden.

The decision to buy lightweight, versatile shelving units will be fully worth it. Inexpensive and ergonomic product is a great helper in storing various goods.

Characteristics of universal shelving units

These products are the most affordable storage system options available. The widespread use of these models speaks to the universal performance characteristics of the racks.

If necessary, you can always quickly change the height of the shelves or add more shelves. The benefits of lightweight versatile shelving don’t stop there. All basic models can be upgraded with additional elements.

Multifunctional products have the following characteristics, which are basic and can be customized.

Coating of shelves and racksPolymer powder
Coating of corners, pedestalsGalvanized
Thickness of metal for racks1.2-1.5 mm
Metal thickness for shelves0.6-0.7 mm
Height of supporting columns1-3,5 м
Pitch of holes for fixing shelves in height100 mm
Shelf width0,4-1 м
Shelf depth30, 40, 50, 60, 80 cm.
Recommended load per shelf75-200 kg

An unlimited number of sections can be added to any shelving unit. Please note: the load limit of the frame depends on the position of the first shelf. In case the room has an uneven floor, the posts are adjusted with special supports. These are purchased separately and are not included in the basic kit. All products are sold disassembled with a complete set of fasteners.

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