Film roll racks

Among the offers of warehouse equipment you can find racks designed for storage and demonstration of film rolls. This type of construction is used in hardware and construction stores.

Buy racks for film rolls in Kiev

Racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus are made taking into account the specific use. Professional approach and modern equipment allow us to produce structures designed to store film materials in rolls. The company is engaged in production under the order taking into account the wishes of the customer to the dimensions of the structure.

Placement of goods in the warehouse should be done with rational use of space. It is important to consider the convenience of loading and unloading. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the products during storage. Metal construction of racks for film rolls from the manufacturer have the necessary structural strength and guarantee the safety of goods.

In addition to their primary storage function, shelving also serves a demonstration function. This is relevant, first of all, for commercial premises. This is the advantage of film roll racks The inclined design allows you to place products in tiers. This ensures full visibility and easy access in the sales area.

Who will film racks be good for? Storage systems are also suitable for other long materials – linoleum, carpeting, fabric and others. For the equipment of commercial areas in the store or warehouse is worth buying racks for rolls in Kiev. Antes Plus is a manufacturer, so the company has the ability to produce structures of the required length and dimensions.

Advantages of film roll racks

Rolled storage is associated with some peculiarities. Consideration should be given to how the demonstration will be organized, marking and cutting off the required length. The materials are packaged in standard rolls. Film roll racks from the manufacturer ensure competent placement and easy handling of the goods.

When comparing film storage on racks to other storage options, specialized structures have many advantages:

  • collapsible design
  • mobile and stationary versions
  • stand design allows to install bales of different diameters
  • convenient placement of goods
  • rational utilization of retail and warehouse space
  • the design can be either single-sided or double-sided
  • easy sorting and easy access to products
  • preserving the shape of the product, protecting it from unwinding and deformation
  • full-fledged demonstration of goods for customers in the exhibition hall
  • easy unwinding and measuring of the required piece

Obviously, the benefits of film roll racks are not only practical, but they can also create an orderly atmosphere in the room. Thus, the design allows for the placement and preservation of the commodity characteristics of the goods. But in addition such a setup demonstrates a thorough approach in regards to the visitors of the trading floor.

Types of racking can differ depending on the position of the load.

Rack for vertical storageIt is a mobile stand. The film can be placed in a vertical position. This placement is a significant space saver.
Design for horizontal storageThe rolls are placed horizontally. In this variant it is possible to partially unfold the product and cut the required length without removing it from the axle.

Racks for film rolls from the manufacturer

Antes Plus provides custom fabrication of storage systems. A distinctive characteristic of our work is a democratic pricing policy. The production of structures for roll-to-roll products is one of our core businesses. Own production is equipped with modern equipment.

Our well-established production process allows us to provide high quality at an optimal cost. Racks for film rolls from the manufacturer Antes Plus meet all accepted quality standards.

Based on the needs of our customers, we also produce non-standard warehouse equipment. The advantages of film roll racks make them in demand. A pallet rack of special design is best suited for long-term storage. Several pieces are joined together to form a deep frame. Traditional materials are used as decking: plywood, board, chipboard, metal. The main advantage of this type of storage is that the product is protected from deformation. The height of the structure is limited only by the height of the ceilings in the room and the capacity of the lifting equipment.

A conventional forklift will be required to maintain the pallet system. However, instead of the usual forks, it should be equipped with a special pin. It is used to manipulate the load.

Buying a rack for rolls of film in Kiev is also suitable for storing a small amount of materials. Our company can produce roll racks that take up a minimum of space and are suitable for two rolls weighing no more than 200 kg. The collapsible front structure is designed for storing and unwinding the material. The bales themselves are placed on the axles, which are mounted on the racks. The rack can be used as a freestanding element. But it can also be used as a film unwinding device in conjunction with the machine. buy racks for rolls of film in Kiev should pay attention to the manufacturer’s ability to produce non-standard solutions for storage. Thanks to Antes Plus’ many years of experience, we can develop warehouse solutions for any challenge. By agreement with the customer, we can modify the technical parameters of the structures.

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