Racks for linoleum

Modern linoleum storage and placement racks can be either simple or mechanized (paternosters). In addition to their main function – storage – they are also designed for display in exhibition and sales areas. Racks are used in specialized retail facilities that sell flooring.

Racks for linoleum and carpeting

The metal structures are designed for visual and convenient placement of floor coverings. They make it safe to display the product in rolls and allow easy access to customers.

Linoleum racks differ in characteristic depending on the type. Motorized paternosters offer significant advantages over standard units:

  • High security. The device is regulated by a special key, without which the paternoster control cannot be accessed.
  • Saves up to 60% of the space in the room. Vertical positioning and rotation of the bale along a limited path allows a large number of bales to be compactly accommodated in a small area.
  • Sample advertisements. The unit allows for the placement of flooring samples.

Order racks for linoleum in Kiev can be used for arrangement:

  • department stores with household goods
  • building material stores
  • warehouses and production facilities
  • logistics hubs

Racks from Antes Plus allow you to clearly display rolls while keeping them conveniently and safely located. There are two basic types of construction.

Unilateral Single-sided loading. Can be installed along a wall or partition. Demonstration of linoleum is only possible from one side.
Double-sided The bales are loaded from both sides. Installation is possible in any part of the room.

Paternosters are very handy in retail spaces. In addition to storage, they serve the function of demonstration. That’s why the units are indispensable both in the warehouse and in the building products store. The ergonomic characteristic of linoleum shelving units saves the floor space in which they will be installed. The size of the rack rolls depends on the width of the roll of linoleum or other flooring material.

Characteristics of linoleum racks

A simple shelving unit is designed based on a side rack. The shaft and hook are attached to it. They are used to wind the material into a bale. The unit is protected against unintentional unwinding of the linoleum by locking straps. This ensures that the safety of visitors to construction stores is maintained. In addition, the design can be adjusted in height.

The flooring racks have a perforation pitch of 100 mm. This makes it possible to accommodate rolls of different diameters. You don’t have to remove the roll to cut off the piece you need, which is very convenient.

Linoleum and carpet racks are versatile. They are designed to load virtually any roll covering. For ease of use and movement, it is possible to equip the unit with wheeled supports.

The prefabricated and collapsible construction of the mechanical paternoster is made of bent sheet metal. The main load-bearing element is the U-shaped frames. The structure is anchored to the floor to protect it from tipping over and to ensure a secure fixation. The racks are best suited for building material stores. It is convenient to install in a room with low ceilings.

All booths go through several levels of quality assurance testing. Therefore, the quality of Antes Plus products meets all safety requirements. If you are ready to order racks for linoleum in Kiev, pay attention to such points:

  • the environment in which the equipment will be used
  • how many and what size bales the rack is designed to accommodate
  • how the bales will be loaded on the stand
  • how the products will be rewound and cut off
  • how the shipment of goods to the buyer will be organized

Choosing retail and warehouse equipment is always a difficult task. Considering the rolls are heavy weight and impressive size, it pays to pay close attention to every detail. It is better to rely on trusted manufacturers of shelving products.

Order racks for linoleum in Kiev

The cost of metal structures depends primarily on the dimensions, the presence of additional elements. To calculate the exact cost, get a consultation with the company’s specialists. They will help orient you and answer any questions you may have.

Antes Plus Company offers equipment of its own production. We specialize in the manufacture of linoleum and carpet roll racks. Our products are durable, hard-wearing and long-lasting. In addition, we offer affordable prices and a personalized approach.

What are the advantages of ordering racks for linoleum in Kiev? There are several important advantages to using a paternoster in a retail space:

  • easy and safe maintenance
  • rational use of retail space
  • affordable cost
  • Increases sales efficiency and facilitates the work of personnel

The roll flooring equipment is assembled from the highest quality materials. It can be supplemented with the elements necessary in the work.To make an order you can call our call center. Specialists of the company will recommend both ready-made products and make an application for individual production. The projects take into account characteristic of linoleum racks for the conditions in which they will be used. Antes Plus is engaged in the production of commercial and warehouse equipment for many years and has established itself in this market with the best side.

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