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The smooth functioning of warehouses is a well-oiled process that allows for efficient, fast turnover of goods. Accordingly, racking equipment must meet high standards. It can be oversized, oversized, different in terms of equipment, design features and other parameters. However, in any case, it is worth taking into account the technical features, the nuances of equipment operation, the pricing policy of the manufacturing company, so that a large choice is not difficult for the buyer.

Shelving equipment in Kiev from the manufacturer

It is required in all regions of the country, and the capital of Ukraine is no exception. If you need racking equipment in Kiev that meets all modern requirements, it will be manufactured and delivered in a short time. It is necessary to take into account the format of the cargo, material of manufacture, reliability, durability, compliance with international and domestic standards, the reputation of the manufacturer.

Quality racking equipment in Kiev is always available, it is divided into types, classified on different bases. The basic classification is pallet, shelf, cantilever, mezzanine and other models. Including possible and customised equipment. That is, it will be a practical individual solution for business.

If it is difficult to understand the racking equipment in Kiev, it is worth contacting specialists who know the technical and operational parameters, load limits, nuances of installation, dismantling. All equipment is created in such a way that the functional resource counted for decades. Of course, much depends on compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this case, racking equipment will last as long as possible without losing its functional properties.

It is easy to order racking equipment in Ukraine

Yes, the problem of lack of usable space is acute today. Especially when it comes to modern production spaces, warehouses. That’s why it is worth ordering racking equipment in Ukraine from the manufacturer, which is perfect for small, medium or spacious technical, production spaces. Features:

  • The best to determine the required type of racking equipment design in advance, i.e. at the stage of construction of the warehouse, etc.
  • Sometimes an entrepreneur already rents a ready-made warehouse. Here too, it will be possible to select the right racking equipment, taking into account the design features.
  • You can also choose universal options, such as front-type equipment, which is used most often. It is suitable for large and oversized objects, providing convenient direct access, allowing you to set the necessary settings, change dimensions depending on your needs. Width and height can be changed, and the parameters of the loader working at the site can be adjusted.

It is easy to order racking equipment in Ukraine, because it is possible in the shortest possible time to produce and ship equipment in the company “Antes Plus” that cooperate with entrepreneurs, representatives of small, medium and large businesses, other companies. There are excellent analogues for small warehouses, medium-sized production shops or even impressive distribution, shopping centres.

In addition, ordering in Ukraine racking equipment, you can be sure that it will meet all safety standards: domestic, international. Certificates, passports, other accompanying technical documentation, installation and dismantling instructions, recommendations from the manufacturer are available.

The large selection of racking equipment will not disappoint

It is important to take an individual approach to each order. The large selection of racking equipment will not disappoint those who are looking for suitable models for storing oversized, oversized goods, including long, wide or, on the contrary, fragile goods.

This option is also needed by those who trade in household appliances, store archive documents, car tyres, construction and finishing materials. As you can see, such a wide range of racking equipment implies an equally large selection of ready-made reliable and very practical solutions.

Sometimes customers analyse the models themselves and place an order. Sometimes there are some difficulties due to the large selection of racking equipment. In addition, almost every customer wants to save money by not overpaying for unnecessary functions and options.

Types of racking equipment

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There are useful models suitable for all warehouses. They increase the efficiency of production and storage space utilisation by almost 70%. These are common types of racking equipment that are found everywhere. They are safe for others, perfectly protected from corrosion. There are additional accessories that will allow you to hold square or round loads, heavy, oversized loads.

The following table will help to evaluate the types of racking equipment:

Storage of non-standard objects, large-sized objects such as pipes, profiles, with lengths exceeding 4 metres.Cantilever shelving models with different number of compartments, compartments, sections are suitable. It is possible to adjust the number of shelves.
Standard pallet racking equipmentIdeal for Euro pallets, i.e. European, American. Larger boxes (containers) can also be accommodated.

There are also mobile racking analogues of the equipment, which do not require the complexity of installation, dismantling, transport. They are also installed frequently in warehouses, in commercial premises, in production. The variety of types of racking equipment in any case means compliance with high standards. Models are equipped with aisles, ladders, they can be changed, adjusted quickly.

How to choose the right racking equipment

The large selection sometimes makes it difficult to choose from, as such equipment often differs only slightly. Specialists know how to choose racking equipment that is perfectly suited to the characteristics of the goods. For example, there are padded structures (drive-in racks, Drive In). They are quite massive and are perfectly adapted for storing large or single-format goods.

Of course, before selecting racking equipment, it is necessary to determine the number of floors (compartments) and the possibility of loading equipment. Some structures are as high as the ceiling or the middle of the wall. If the number of floors is large, for example, more than three, it is worth thinking about what equipment will be used to quickly load and unload goods.

Plus, when selecting racking equipment for both the workshop and the sales area, warehouse, it is necessary to take into account the specifics of the stored goods: homogeneous, heterogeneous, their weight. The pressure that a particular load exerts on the shelf is also of great importance. It is calculated in kilograms per square metre.

Buy racking equipment Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”

Manufacturers produce racks for storing very long pipes, heavy metal profiles, archive documents, boxes, files, folders. Moreover, it is often necessary to get this or that object quickly. If you buy racking equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”, you will not have to doubt the quality. There are models with lightweight racks and beams – they are light, but very strong.

If you need to buy racking equipment Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”, then you can not doubt the cost, as well as other numerous advantages:

  • The supporting posts and frames are additionally reinforced.
  • The depth of the shelves varies. In some versions it is 5 metres and even more, up to 8-10 metres.
  • The effects of gravity and gravity are taken into account to maximise stability. Various pallets are also placed on such racking equipment, which are moved on special rollers. By the way, they can be moved inside the “channels” without mandatory unloading and transport by front loaders.

Buying racking equipment from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”, the client saves money, because you do not have to overpay intermediaries. That is why the cost is lower than the average in the region. Appeal for products as companies, entrepreneurs from Kiev, and from other Ukrainian regions and even from abroad. Fast delivery is organised, cooperation is official.

Practical racking equipment with different dimensions and load capacities

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If the pressure on the shelf will be high, either front or shelf-mounted counterparts are suitable. They can be fitted with decking and provide free access. There are also cantilever racks suitable for standard and non-standard goods. They can be sorted, moved, assess the quality. Often such racking equipment is installed in numerous shopping centres, where it is necessary not only to store goods, but also to demonstrate them to people, place price tags, provide an opportunity to take interesting samples of products, consider it, put it back in place and so on.

Safe racking equipment in Kiev

Safety is affected by several characteristics. Each of them is important:

  • Reliability of the structure itself, distance between shelves, width of aisles, height.
  • Design features of racking equipment.
  • Material strength: steel, metal alloys. The strength is confirmed by the passport, technical accompanying documents, where the maximum permissible load parameters are indicated.
  • It is possible to order racking equipment in Kiev or in other regions of Ukraine with a personalised approach, as the production capacity allows you to do this.

There is sometimes an opinion online that it is advisable to buy used racking equipment to save more money. Yes, it is possible to save money in this way, but it does not guarantee that the racks will fully meet modern safety criteria and have a long service life. In most cases, such savings are not justified.

In the company “Antes Plus”, which is an official Ukrainian manufacturer with a good reputation, there is inexpensive, durable racking equipment, all accompanying technical documents are available.

Specialist assistance in selecting racking equipment for any need

Services are not imposed, but customers will be provided with comprehensive information. The catalogue contains a detailed description of the racking equipment, giving advice on selection, operation, quality control. If you need the strongest model, you should choose steel with maximum thickness, which will carry the declared high loads

Plus, there are one-way or two-way analogues. It all depends on the category of the stored cargo, the need to provide quick unobstructed access to objects.

Some models support the wall, roofs, but this is optional. And also, in accordance with modern standards, you must also take into account the specifics of the terrain, region and even each particular site. In regions with increased seismic activity, the requirements for racking equipment will be much higher. The peculiarities of the floor in the warehouse or other premises also have an impact. If it is planned to store oval, round goods such as wheels, car tyres, the equipment is equipped with special stops, holders, preventing rounded objects from falling or shifting objects on the shelf storage.

Inexpensive racking equipment from the manufacturer in Kiev

Structurally there are no complexities, there is no need to install numerous decorative elements, which positively affects the cost. Order in Kiev, in other regions of Ukraine racking equipment in the company “Antes Plus” can afford even novice entrepreneurs. In the description of any type of racking equipment there is information of the following nature:

  • What’s the disassembly, the kit.
  • Information about the manufacturer of the racking equipment.
  • There is information about picking a particular order and recommended loads for warehousing: foodstuffs, construction, finishing materials, etc.

In this way, the model can provide the longest possible preservation. In some analogues there is an opportunity to view the contents on the shelves or, on the contrary, to hide the contents from prying eyes. As a rule, this is relevant in cases when it is necessary to store medicines or documents, files and folders containing personal information about people, trade secrets, reports and so on in the shelving equipment.

The reliability and stability of the racking is achieved under the following installation conditions. The equipment must be installed on:

  • flat (not more than 4 mm per 1 MP and 10 mm x 10 MP), hard concrete surface concrete grade 250
  • screed at least 200 mm
  • reinforcement

It is favourable to buy racking equipment of all kinds

The scope of application of racking equipment is wide: construction, logistics complexes, pharmaceutical industry, retail, printing, e-commerce, automotive industry, warehousing of finished equipment and others. Duration of operation depends on compliance with the recommended rules from the manufacturer, the correctness of assembly, resistance to unfavourable external influences of the materials themselves. Steel, metal alloys, chipboard react differently to temperature and humidity variations, as well as to strong mechanical impact from the outside.

Sometimes in the process of loading or unloading objects, the racks, shelves are subjected to strong mechanical impact, which can deform some structures, scratch. This should not be allowed, to the detriment of quality. Also, it is advantageous to buy racking equipment that meets sanitary and hygienic standards. On the surface do not accumulate micro dust particles, do not multiply pathogenic microflora. Often the operation takes place in not the most favourable conditions, so racking equipment is often disinfected. It must be chemically neutral with respect to organic and inorganic compounds.

Wide aisle or narrow aisle racks in different depths

Shelving equipment 4
Shelving equipment 5

Much depends on the loading equipment. There are narrow aisle stackers capable of working in narrow corridors (150 cm) – the technique is expensive and a lot of construction for execution. If the area allows to use can be used conventional forklifts (stackers), where the distance of aisles can vary from 230 cm and more

In our company “Antes Plus” you can learn more about how to install racking equipment correctly, focusing on the size, dimensions, weight, fragility of the cargo. Everything should look neat and presentable, because often racks fulfil a commercial function, demonstrating goods and products to customers.

Quality shelving of the latest designs

The most popular are mobile, cantilever, multi-sectional, archive, frontal, pallet, deep, shelf, industrial racks. We can offer a conveyor, to move cargo from the shelf to the place of delivery of products, with a different configuration, designed for small, medium or large oversized or oversized cargo.

It is far not always advisable from an economic point of view to buy the most expensive functional types, if this is not required by pressing production conditions. That is why it is possible to buy racking equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” of any type, including the simplest (structurally) variants.

Attention is also paid to the products when special exhibitions need to be organised, be it open-air exhibitions, museums, sales halls, showcases, showrooms. For the use of shelving in the open air – it is necessary to use special paints that are resistant to weather conditions. Sometimes there is a need to buy gravity racks, which allow you to hold the load not only strictly horizontally, but also at an angle, for example, 3-5 degrees. This to a greater extent allows to demonstrate objects, goods to an unlimited number of persons.

As you can see, each item has its own characteristics. This is why racking equipment is designed by specialists who ensure functionality and safety at the same time. All this rationalises the area, allows for full control and management.

Antes Plus” company invites to co-operation

Right now you can read the catalogue, description of the racking equipment. When buying, it is necessary to know what storage mode is envisaged. Thus, there are warehouses where humidity and temperature change or, on the contrary, a strictly defined regime is maintained. There are rooms that are heated, insulated or operate on the principle of refrigerators.

Structurally, such racking equipment is divided into: open and closed racks, hangars, with or without a canopy. The height of ceilings and the maximum available width of aisles are also important. Accordingly, it will be possible to pick up and optimal equipment, relying on a large selection from the company “Antes Plus”. This is a Ukrainian manufacturer.

In some retail outlets it is customary to install and dismantle racking equipment every day. Sometimes goods are stored there in the morning, just before the shop opens, and at the end of the working day the whole structure is dismantled and brought inside for storage. Any metal components should be anti-corrosion treated to ensure smooth and quiet running. Some analogues imply storage exclusively on pallets or in special boxes.

The racking equipment purchased by Antes Plus will not disappoint in terms of price, quality or neatness of appearance. Co-operation with clients is official, a partnership agreement is necessarily signed, the clauses of which are strictly observed. Convenient payment options are guaranteed, including cash or cashless payment. The geography of the company’s activity is mainly Kiev and suburbs, but other regions of Ukraine also apply for quality products. Good racking equipment will allow you to keep an impressive range of products, providing convenient access, saving space. There is a possibility of automation, connection with control technologies “smart warehouse”. This is a truly modern approach to business. Decent racking equipment can be bought in any volume.

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