Pallet racks

The wide variety of shelving units can be classified on several bases. The most common are classic shelf racks, as well as pallet racks, which are valued for their reliability. They are structurally simple, unpretentious in maintenance, cost relatively inexpensive, as they do not involve design frills, complex structural elements.

What quality and useful shelving units should be like

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It is convenient to store standard and non-standard loads on them. Shelves in the classical sense are not present, but it is not always necessary. Due to the absence of shelves, you can save on the cost, weight of the construction. There are a variety of pallet racks available online, differing in height, for example. But for all their diversity, their designs are really similar.

They are easy to assemble and disassemble. Quality pallet racks do not lose useful technical and operational properties. They can be disassembled, transported to a new trading floor, warehouse, and reassembled. Moreover, it will be possible to do it quickly enough, without the involvement of additional equipment, special machinery. Of course, a lot depends on the dimensions, number of compartments, height.

Thanks to pallet racks will be able to organize space in cases where objects, cargoes are located on pallets. In particular, Europallets are used, i.e. standard samples accepted in European countries, plus oversized analogs are placed.

Pallet racking, general information and applications

These are sought-after products. A variety of pallet racking, general information and scope of application is often the first thing potential customers are interested in. Features:

  • The scope of application is wide. In particular, wholesale and retail trade, warehouses, production halls, enterprises, industrial facilities, and improvement areas.
  • They differ in size, maximum allowable load, which is calculated in kilograms per pallet space. In this way you can calculate the maximum permissible volume of the loads to be placed on the racks.
  • These models have been proven to help utilize space efficiently. And also, pallet racks simplify the inventory process, which is also proven in practice. That’s why they are found equally often in almost every country in the world.

If interested in pallet racks, general information and scope of application, our specialists “Antes Plus” will tell you in detail. The company is a Ukrainian manufacturer, focusing on European standards of quality, durability, safety.

If you analyze the general information about pallet racking and its scope of application, it becomes clear that it is a worthwhile investment. If simple recommendations from the manufacturer regarding the operating conditions are followed, the service life of these structures will not be counted in years, but in decades.

Advantages of pallet racks from Ukrainian manufacturer Antes Plus

One of the main advantages is the affordable cost, since our own production facilities are involved, no intermediaries are involved. Numerous advantages of pallet racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” – a wide range of favorable conditions: standard and non-standard sizes, provision of full information support and much more. During assembly there are no difficulties, but it is necessary to pay attention to the flooring (the equipment must be installed on a level (no more than 4 mm on 1 MP and 10 mm x 10 mp), hard concrete surface (concrete grade 250; screed at least 200 mm; reinforcement). the surface, which must be flat, stable to eliminate the risk of the load falling.

In addition, the advantages of pallet racks from the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus” is that the structures are created from different elements that are attached to each other and is very strong. No complicated locking systems, there are bolted connections. The main load rests on the frame, which consists of the uprights. They are attached to each other in different ways, e.g. by means of hitches or classic bolts. The depth, height of the frame affect the dimensions of the products.

Among the advantages of pallet racks from “Antes Plus”, a Ukrainian manufacturer, it is worth noting the use of the most durable materials. Steel is said to be beyond competition as it can withstand very heavy loads. There is a reason why steel is also used in aerospace, industrial, construction, engineering and more. Some racks utilize metal alloy elements, wood elements and derivatives such as particleboard.

Pallet rack design features

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Looking at the many descriptions, it is obvious that the design of the racking is aimed at providing stability and easy access to loads. The useful design features of pallet racking ensure that the load is evenly distributed across the entire surface, to all structural components. There are also special metal plates that allow you to smooth out some of the unevenness of the flooring.

Shelves are also present. In addition, the design features of pallet racking is to ensure that the beams are not subjected to deflections exceeding the permissible limits when loaded. During operation, it is important to monitor these values and not to overload the racks so that they do not fail prematurely. In the description in the technical passport and other accompanying documents, the maximum allowable load must be specified in order to exclude deformation of the structure. For example, 3,000 kg or 4,000 kg in total. The maximum permissible load per square meter can also be calculated.

Thanks to these design features of pallet racking, they can also successfully withstand strong mechanical impacts. Sometimes in the process of loading or unloading products, front loaders and other special equipment hit beams, frames and other elements. The racks are not designed for forklift impacts, this is prevented by safety elements.

In addition, all metal components are anti-corrosion treated, coated with protective compounds, powders. Protecting the structure from corrosion is one of the main requirements in the manufacturing process. Often pallet racks have to be operated in unfavorable conditions both inside the warehouse and outside, including in the rain, for this purpose exterior paint should be used.

Order pallet racks in Kiev

You can order any models, taking into account the features of their design, dimensions. If you need to order pallet racks in Kiev, it is worth contacting the Ukrainian manufacturer “Antes Plus”. The benefits of collaboration are as follows:

  • Describes types of construction, methods of product loading. For example, frontal, which is the most common. It is a collapsible model that utilizes clips, holders, bolts, and hooks.
  • You can choose different numbers of tiers. The entire structure is subject to assembly and disassembly. It will be possible to complete if necessary, i.e. increase the width or height.
  • Pallet type racks can be placed either against the wall or in the middle of the room. Considering the configuration of the space, the width of the aisles is calculated. Sometimes the aisles can be left quite narrow, if it is not intended to pass special vehicles between the structures in the warehouse.

If you need to order pallet racks in Ukraine, the site has comprehensive information, the cost is indicated, there are also graphics, photos, technical documentation. Even for very large rooms, it is possible to find impressive and stable structures that are designed for intensive use.

Since “Antes Plus” is one of the leaders in this field, then, ordering in Ukraine pallet racks, you can be sure that there will be no delays, the production time will be optimal. Cooperation is official, which is confirmed by the contract, which specifies all the essential conditions: volumes, types of pallet racks, design features, price, responsibility for the delivery of models of improper quality, warranty period and so on. Regulatory documents can also be consulted well in advance.

Safe functional pallet racks from Ukrainian manufacturer

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There are designs that are easy to load from one side or both sides. This greatly increases the speed of the load handling. Such pallet racks can be arranged in pairs, calculate the space between them. The number of floors, i.e. tiers, also varies. If the height of the warehouse allows, if there is special equipment available, it is worth choosing more impressive in size analogues, for example, three tiers and more. The number of tiers is usually up to five to ensure optimum loading and unloading speeds.

On the basis of pallet racks can be installed the design of two or more floors, on each floor can be installed shelf storage or make a flat area for storage of pallets or long-size cargo. This maximizes the utilization of the warehouse space in terms of both height and storage area

Also the advantages, specifics, features of pallet racks will help to understand the following table:

If volumes are large, tier heights are highNo manual unloading is implied, but additional technical means will ensure promptness
Regardless of the volume, operation under unfavorable conditions is permissibleOften the operation of pallet racking means very low temperatures, e.g. in so-called “cold rooms”, utility rooms where it is important to keep the temperatures down

Variety of applications for pallet racks, manufacturer’s warranty

In short, any racking pallet type will be able to adapt to private requests, that is, to offer customers an individual solution. For example, technical possibilities allow you to connect different elements, increasing or decreasing the area. For many entrepreneurs the primary task is precisely the optimization of production, space, warehouse. That’s why the design of the racks is simple: metal frames, beams, and holders.

If desired, a tray can be easily installed. There are designs suitable for homogeneous or heterogeneous products. The speed of turnover should also be considered when making your choice. In some cases, you need to access the contents as quickly as possible, and sometimes such pallet racks serve as long-term storage. In such cases, the cargo is stored for weeks or even months. Guarantee from the manufacturer, full information support is obligatory.

Ukrainian manufacturer of racks “Antes Plus” invites to cooperation

Many people turn not because of advertising, but because of recommendations. They are attracted by the affordable cost, a variety of applications, types of pallet racks, their compactness. If it is planned to place heavy loads, it is worth choosing special reinforced type constructions. These pallet racks are designed from the outset with increased loads in mind. It’s worth choosing options with a margin. That is, calculate the volume of products that will be stored and leave extra space.

Sometimes the peculiarities of the business, the functioning of the enterprise is that part of the products will be placed on racks for long-term storage, and part for short-term storage. And all of this needs to be combined within one warehouse. In this case, too, racks will help, where some goods will be placed on the upper tiers or in more inaccessible places, and some will be stored in areas of the structure with the possibility of quick access.

Tips for choosing pallet racking from professionals

The basic parameters for the selection of pallet racking design are the initial data:

  1. Pallet type
  2. Pallet weight and height.
  3. Storage feature (dimensions :width, length, height to ceiling/ceiling structure – to calculate frame height and number of sections
  4. What kind of equipment is used, i.e. how high does it lift and what is the aisle distance for the forklift to work, if it has already been purchased?
  5. how many storage levels
  6. What type of cargo is stored on the pallet and what storage conditions (normal warehouse, refrigerator/freezer, outside)

The website has information to help you choose the right design. The maximum allowable load and the racking features, width, number of tiers are taken as a basis. Of course, cost also has an impact. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the functionality, the higher the cost will be. But in any case the price is acceptable, it is lower than the regional average. Many people want to order pallet type racks in Kiev, in the suburbs, in other regions of Ukraine. Fruitful cooperation with companies located abroad is also possible.

It is obligatory to specify the method of fastening of the constituent elements: bolts, hooks or other devices. It is also indicated whether the shelves, posts are galvanized. Galvanize metal components of pallet racks necessarily, because it is this relatively simple technological method allows you to protect against corrosion, which is especially important when operating in adverse conditions. The configuration of the design is also described in detail.

A lot also depends on how properly the pallet racks were subsequently installed, how level the floors are. This ensures not only a long service life, but also safety for people and the surrounding area. If necessary, experts can help you choose a design depending on the scope of change, ceiling heights and other conditions. It is recommended to assess the floors in advance, to think about whether the racks will be placed exclusively in a covered space or in the open air, whether it is planned to repeatedly dismantle and install the racks, moving to a new site. During the installation process, symmetry is checked, special instruments determine how evenly the supporting elements are installed.

Practicality of pallet racking

All pallet racks are of high quality, protected against corrosion, strong mechanical effects, vibration, their surfaces are chemically neutral with respect to organic, inorganic compounds. This means that both individual elements and the entire rack structure can be disinfected depending on the set schedule. Specialists “Antes Plus” are always on the phone and ready to cooperate, provide information, assist in the choice. In accordance with the design features, some elements, components, parts and accessories may be replaced, e.g. due to damage. It is not necessary to completely change the pallet racking and disassemble it. This has a favorable effect on the cost, length of operational life.

The whole process of production of racks is aimed precisely at maximizing their resource, without burdening the owners with a significant amount of time spent on the maintenance of pallet racks. They comply with sanitary and hygienic, fire safety standards, allow to place both standard cargoes and long loads, rectangular, rounded objects with reliable fixation.

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