Mezzanine shelving

Mezzanine shelving is a multi-level construction made of metal, designed for warehouses with high ceilings. By adding mezzanines (floors) it is possible to utilize all usable storage space. Due to the design features of the system, pallets can be installed on the lower floors as well as the added floors above.

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Who are mezzanine shelving units suitable for? They organize space primarily in large storage units. Mezzanine systems are the ideal solution for warehouses where piece processing is required.

Advantages and disadvantages of mezzanine racks

Using multi-story shelving is a versatile solution for a wide variety of applications. The convenience of the storage systems is that each level is available for individual use. And this allows you to significantly reduce the cost of lifting equipment. Mezzanine racks are manufactured to order, taking into account the peculiarities of the storage area.

The widespread use of multilevel shelving units is based on their performance qualities.

Property Description
Easy to use the impressive size of the system allows you to conveniently place cargo on them, while the space under the racks is used to arrange offices, to organize the passage of transport and for other purposes Products on the racks are clearly visible and easily accessible, which allows you to organize a smooth operation of the warehouse in case of need, the structures can be easily dismantled and moved to a new place
Easy to complete and process applications Handling, picking, and removal of oversized loads are available both manually and with the use of cargo devices.
Structural stability Systems based on pallet racking provide structural stability by means of inter-rack connections, floor joists. At the same time, the monolithic nature of the structure increases stability.
Strength Racks are made of a special metal alloy, protected from corrosion and deformation, coping with the influence of unfavorable factors and extreme temperatures.

Mezzanines on columns are prefabricated structures supported by columns. The space between the columns is designed for free movement of machinery and passage of personnel. Additionally, shelving can be organized on the spans.

Mezzanines on frames are multi-level systems that can be separated by slabs in height, mounted on frames and stairs for access.

At the same time, combined systems use columns and frame structures to optimize space even further.


  • some restrictions on aisle widths
  • A good, solid and level floor is a must
  • complex repair

Types of mezzanine shelving for warehouses

Multilevel shelving units are characterized by their design features.

Mezzanines are divided into types depending on the design of the supporting structural elements. There are two main types of mezzanine racks for warehouses:

1. Structures based on typical elements of racking systems.Mezzanine shelving | 2

2. Structures based on heavy hot-rolled sections.

The construction of the first type is more widespread. And the second type of systems are good where there is a high intensity of use. For example, active movement of warehouse equipment along the first tier, frequent remodeling, routing of transportation systems, and so on. To protect the stability of the structures, the free space between the rack supports is maximized. The distance between the rows can be up to 4-6 m, so this arrangement requires increased strength of the profiles. Thus, the types of mezzanine warehouse racking differ in terms of strength.

Only certain shelving units can be installed on mezzanines:Mezzanine shelving | 3

  • shelves
  • car racks
  • shelf gravity
  • 2-level and 3-level pallet front systems

Taking into account the load capacity of the mezzanines, mobile shelving and car racks can be installed on the mezzanines. There are no restrictions for the installation of archival mobile shelving.

They are not suitable for installation on mezzanines:

  • gravity
  • push back
  • “shuttle”
  • padded
  • cargo mobility systems.

The lightest racking equipment is recommended to be installed on higher tiers to distribute the load. It is also desirable to organize areas for picking up piece loads there.

In addition to maximizing space occupancy in height, installing mezzanines in warehouses also expands storage options for a wide range of goods. In this case, combined storage is ensured.

A maximum floor height of 5 meters allows easy installation of any racking system other than high-rise. Floor storage can also be organized. In this case, it is worth considering the limitations of the other mezzanine floors.

Features of the warehouse mezzanine

Multi-storey mezzanine structures are designed for those warehouses where logistics is based on the placement and handling of large volumes of goods in retail containers. Therefore, the installation of mezzanine structures makes it possible to utilize all available floor space and warehouse space. Plus, it helps to reduce the cost of maintaining the space.

The design features of warehouse mezzanines make it possible to use the entire height of the warehouse to maximum advantage. A distinctive characteristic of shelving is the presence of full floors, on which you can move through the aisles, stairs and unloading platforms. Due to the large storage area, the warehouse is utilized most efficiently.

Who are mezzanine shelving units suitable for? The main purpose of mezzanines is to store a large assortment of goods with manual access for cargo handling. Having cargo gates on the upper floors makes loading much easier. Personnel move on ladders and slabs between racks.

Technical characteristics of the warehouse mezzanine

The main purpose of mezzanines involves utilizing height and space to the maximum. Who are mezzanine shelving units suitable for? Especially relevant warehouse mezzanine will be in warehouses with a small area.

Where mezzanine systems can be found:

  • spare parts depots
  • warehouse areas for handling and storage of small and medium-sized cargoes
  • archives and libraries

The technical characteristics of the profile of the structures speak of the ability to withstand high loads. We recommend buying mezzanine racks from the manufacturer, because in production we use steel with minimum values for racks 250-300 N/mm2, for traverses – 235-250 N/mm2.

The main technical characteristics of mezzanines:

  • payload up to 2 t/m2
  • column spacing up to 12 meters
  • number of floors – up to 4 levels
  • maximum height of one level 5 meters
  • pedestrian decking

The basis of multi-level shelving utilizes either special mezzanine racks or standard pallet or shelf structures. The special features of the storage mezzanine allow the use of additional suitable structural elements:

  • staircases – depending on the characteristics of the room, they can be located both inside and outside the structure
  • guardrails – to ensure safe movement on the upper floors there is a provision for installation of guardrail metal railings
  • interlevel slabs – decks that simultaneously serve as a ceiling for the floors below, capable of supporting the weight of small loading equipment and one person
  • unloading gate

Mezzanine racks consist of the following structural elements:

  • vertical frames
  • shelves
  • pedestrian decking elements
  • set of brackets and beams for fixing decks
  • guardrails
  • ladders
  • various accessories

Types of pedestrian decking for mezzanines

If you buy mezzanine shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus, our experts will also help you choose pedestrian decking. The main types of floor decks of tier floors are made of different materials and are divided into three main groups.

  1. Slabs made of chipboard, MDF, OSB.

The main advantage is the relative cheapness of the material. However, this material involves a more complex slab frame construction compared to metal decks. In this case, the spacing of the floor frame purlins must be calculated at all times. This is because the boards must not sag under load. The joints between the slabs should also be considered: they should come on the solid surface of the purlin, or be appropriately reinforced. Therefore, the speed and cost of installation may increase due to the consideration of all these nuances.

In certain cases, the bottom line difference between a framing-slab-installation complex and metal decks can be quite significant.

Among the disadvantages also stand out:

  • low resistance to impact loads
  • limited service life
  • poor ventilation

To increase the reliability of particleboard, MDF and OSB floor slabs, corrugated board sheets are placed under them. In terms of reliability, this is quite an effective method, but it also results in a significant increase in the cost of construction.

In addition, the most serious disadvantage is the restriction on use in areas with high fire safety requirements. At the same time, even the treatment of surfaces with fireproofing agents does not exclude claims from inspection authorities.

  1. Decks made of welded hot-dip galvanized metal grids.

Key benefits:

  • Strength, durability, high corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Fire resistance and good ventilation on all floors
  • transparency to partial penetration of stray light
  • quick and convenient installation

There is only one disadvantage – the relatively high cost. However, the price of mezzanine shelving from Antes Plus guarantees high quality products.

  1. Decks made of metal stamped (rolled) panels of galvanized steel sheet.

The basic characteristics are similar to hot-dip galvanized grids. However, stamped panels have lower strength and impact resistance, shorter service life, lower corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Who are mezzanine shelving units suitable for?

Mezzanines have proven themselves in warehouses where a wide range of goods are stored. The warehouse mezzanine features are perfect for optimizing usable space: goods are placed on several tiers of shelving.

Stairs and elevators are used to reach the upper floors. Special load platforms are provided for lifting the load.

The technical characteristic of the warehouse mezzanine implies the uniformity of the elements fixed with bolts, so the structure is easy to disassemble and modify. If necessary, it is possible to increase the number of floors in the mezzanines or, conversely, to reduce them.

With the relatively high cost of mezzanine racks, they help to make the most of storage space. Therefore, the price for mezzanine shelving from Antes Plus fully justifies itself. It is worth considering that the easy transformation of multi-level designs provides convenient storage of any type of cargo.

While mezzanine shelving structures are made of the same type of elements, they can only be manufactured to order. The parameters of the room are taken into account.

Buy mezzanine racks from the manufacturer with delivery you can in our company. We offer the most favorable conditions.

What are the benefits of mezzanine shelving in the warehouse:

  • 2-5 times more usable storage space by utilizing the height of the room
  • free access to any item of cargo
  • long service life due to the reliability and stability of the construction
  • The system’s collapsible property allows it to be transported to another warehouse, as well as to be modified to suit the specifics of the cargo.
  • high efficiency when storing a large assortment of goods

Buy mezzanine racks from the manufacturer

Why is it important to purchase mezzanines from our company?

We create several mezzanine shelving layout designs to choose from. We take into account which types of mezzanine warehouse racking are most suitable in your case.

All design solutions are developed individually:

  • take into account the technical characteristics of the storage mezzanine
  • minimize costs
  • reduce production and installation time
  • maximize usable storage space
  • warehouse optimization

In addition, for each project we are ready to provide a detailed consultation with justification. The price of mezzanine shelving from Antes Plus matches the quality.

At our company, you can get full-service multi-story shelving units:

  • project development
  • delivery
  • unloading
  • assembly
  • assembly
  • garbage collection

The technical specification of the warehouse mezzanine meets high quality standards. Order your warehouse to be equipped with a reliable, customized storage system.

Price for mezzanine racks from Antes Plus

How much does it cost to order a storage system for a warehouse?

We produce mezzanines in Kiev only under the order. The exact cost is calculated taking into account the dimensions of your premises and the characteristics of the goods to be stored. If you would like an estimate, contact us and leave a request.

We’re easy to work with:

1. You leave an application.

2. Our specialists will process your order and offer the best realization options for your parameters.

3. Cost calculation and preparation of design solutions with economic justification.

4. Harmonization of the project, clarification of deadlines and other details, conclusion of the contract.

5. Installation of the racking system at the site.

6. Completion of work and final payment.

You get a comfortable cooperation with a proven manufacturer. We produce quality, functional and reliable equipment for organizing storage in the warehouse.

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