Customised shelving

Modern production technologies ensure the production of high quality warehouse equipment. Our own production allows us to produce customised high-quality shelving in Kiev. Creation of each racking for the warehouse begins with the purchase of rolled metal. And ends with warranty service of the finished storage system by a professional team.

Quality customised shelving from Antes Plus

Storage racks of our own production are characterised by a great variety. Antes Plus produces a full range of models:

  • metal structures to accommodate heavy loads
  • shelf systems adapted for lightweight items
  • multi-storey mezzanine complexes
  • floor systems

We sell ready-made racks from stock, as well as produce products to order according to individual parameters.

If you decide to order quality shelving in Kiev from Antes Plus, you should know about our advantages.

High qualityThe products comply with European standards
Fast deliveriesNo chain of intermediaries, we work with customers directly
Low costOwn production allows to reduce unnecessary costs

The need of enterprises, warehouses and production facilities to modernise and optimise their workshops leads to an increasing demand for modern equipment. At the same time, rental costs for warehouse space are constantly increasing, which leads to the search for new ways of organising storage.

Quality custom shelving coupled with years of experience attracts our customers. Our products speak for themselves. Successful investment of money in professional and reliable equipment allows you to get a high return on the space used. Competent design and well-established supply of machinery and warehouse equipment guarantee the success of your business.

The wide variety of customised shelving systems allows you to choose the right products to meet the needs of your production process. We discuss with the customer all options and alternative ways of organising the warehouse.

Antes Plus manufactures quality customised shelving units ourselves. This means that you will receive exactly the right products that will be fully customised to your business. Whatever the specific features of the facility, our task is to equip it in the most optimal way. That’s why the design stage is the most important part of the racking manufacturing process.

Order quality shelving in Kiev

To start production work it is necessary to create a project of racking equipment placement at your facility. Before ordering quality shelving in Kiev, you need to consult with specialists. Such parameters are taken into account:

  • Scheme of the premises (technical passport for the premises is required)
  • planned type of goods to be placed (quantity, package size, weight)
  • available storage space
  • peculiarities of cargo turnover, warehouse logistics
  • types of machinery used in the warehouse (forklift parameters)
  • requirements and norms of fire safety and labour protection are taken into account
  • individual wishes are also taken into account

Based on the results of the analysis, specialists can offer options for the most suitable configuration of quality customised shelving units. Customised design is justified because it helps to achieve one of the most important conditions for a successful business. Rational and maximum efficient use of every square metre of available space increases the total profit.

Making the right choice among the many varieties of customised shelving units is the first and important step in the organisation of a warehouse.

If required, our experts will visit the site to take accurate measurements and draw up a shelving layout plan. Our duties include:

  • site visit and measurement
  • Determining the characteristics of cargo flows
  • development of shelving layout in accordance with technical requirements
  • direct production of warehouse storage systems
  • delivery of finished products to the site
  • equipment assembly and installation
  • follow-up service

Any variety of customised shelving is available at Antes Plus

All popular types of racking solutions are produced on the basis of our production.

Front pallet racksThe most common type of customised shelving. Highly adaptable and designed for different load levels. Provides access to any cargo at any time. Used for storage of a wide range of goods.
Stacked or deep pallet racksThe most spacious among palletised structures. They store the same type of goods. Using this type of shelving maximises the use of storage space.
Shelf metal racksAn important advantage is the absence of bolted connections, which facilitates assembly and installation, as well as the replacement of individual parts. Assumes manual loading of medium and small items.
Cantilever racksAdapted for storage of long and oversized loads. They have increased load capacity.
Mobile shelvingUseful where space needs to be maximised. Increase available space by 50-75% by moving structures around the room. The system is compatible with shelf, front and console units.
Pallet Push-BackIdeal for LIFO storage. Used for homogeneous goods.
MezzaninesThe structures utilise the entire usable height of the room, which increases the usable area by 2-3 times (depending on the number of levels).
Shelf gravity racksThey are characterised by roller guides that facilitate smooth movement of loaded pallets. The roller mechanism protects the structure from wear and tear. This type of equipment is used in warehouses with large order volumes.

Any variety of customised racking is available. We are ready to offer any design at an attractive price.

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