Sheet metal racks

The specially developed design for storing metal sheets is based on a compact storage method. Since metal takes up a large amount of space, the sheet metal storage method is used with the sheets facing upwards. Horizontal storage allows the space to be utilized with high efficiency.

Advantage of sheet metal racks

The storage systems are designed to accommodate different types of products separately on each shelf. Sorting is based on differences in thickness and alloy composition.

This type of storage system is designed for horizontal storage of products. In addition, when used in a production hall, it provides buffer accumulation of products. The design features of the racking for sheet metal allow them to be successfully used in metal processing plants, production and distribution warehouses that sell rolled metal products. In any case, the design provides the easiest access to materials.

Advantage of sheet metal racks:

  • rational and efficient utilization of storage space
  • fast cargo handling
  • possibility of using warehouse equipment
  • easy access to stored products
  • safety: the tiers are equipped with a roll-out protection system
  • one warehouse employee can manually extend the shelf to its full depth
  • inventory convenience
  • metal preservation and protection against damage

Design features of sheet metal racking

Racks can be operated manually and with the use of a forklift or crane. During the loading process, the rack doors act as guides and are used to slide the shelf out.

The variants of designs are quite diverse. Let us consider only the main, most popular ones. In case of a non-standard request, it is possible to order sheet metal racks from the manufacturer according to an individual project.

1. The cassette design is the most common. It is designed for the storage of metal products, as well as other heavy materials. The advantage of racks for sheet metal such a design is the ability to withstand the load on one shelf within 5 tons.

The frame of the module consists of two walls with guides. Thanks to its versatility, the model can be used for a large group of products. Using a forklift, cassettes are inserted into the module. It is adapted to the storage of such products. To carry out loading, a palletizer is used. With its help, the bundle is safely placed inside. And if there is a solid bottom, the cassette can be used for storing any other goods with oversized parameters.

An important feature of the cassette type sheet metal racking design is the ability to install modules one on top of the other. In this case, the number of floors is limited only by the capabilities of the storage equipment. It is possible to install modules butt-to-butt.

Another equally popular design is one with sliding shelves. It is perfect for storage, while providing access to any item. Retrieval of the required number of items is done by vacuum or magnetic gripper.2. Another equally popular design is one with sliding shelves. It is perfect for storage, while providing access to any item. Retrieval of the required number of items is done by vacuum or magnetic gripper.

The materials are stored on shelves which are placed by crane or forklift. During the loading process, the doors, which act as guides, are secured with special clips. The entire shelf is pulled out. This allows access to the metal products.

There are also a few basic types of shelves that can be distinguished.

Shelf TypeDescription
For pallet handlingMetal sheets can be stored on and off the pallet. The shelf is fully extended out of the rack. The stack of metal products is placed on the longitudinal guides.
For forklift loadingThere are auxiliary cross profiles in the shelf. The products are stacked on them.
For crane loadingThe materials are placed inside the shelf and fixed. The individual sheet is placed on supports made of cross profiles.

3. Regular customers order sheet metal racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus with interchangeable cassettes. This model combines the advantages of the two previous models and has high productivity.

The storage of articles from the bottom and top requires the use of identical cassettes. This model is therefore useful when you need to change article numbers quickly. The upper part still acts as a buffer, while the lower part stores products for individual selection.

Order sheet metal racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus

Metal products are used in the production of various goods and equipment. As a result, there is an increasing need for storage facilities. Often the original storage space and systems are not sufficient. There is also a need to accommodate large volumes that require sorting by size, alloy composition and thickness.

The design features of sheet metal racking allow you to solve a number of issues. You can forget about the disorganized storage of metal directly on the floor, when different articles of products were mixed up. Racks help to create organized storage, which greatly facilitates the overall production process.

Due to the advantages of sheet metal racks, they are in great demand. Streamlined staff work, efficient and rational organization of storage space at its frequent shortage – obvious advantages.Order racks for sheets of metal from the manufacturer Antes Plus is available on our website. Experienced consultants will help you decide on the variant of performance. We always go towards our customers and are ready to fulfill individual designs in addition to standard solutions.

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