Pallet racking class A

Паллетные стеллажи класса А
Паллетные стеллажи класса А
Паллетные стеллажи класса А
Паллетные стеллажи класса А

Given the size of the warehouse, it is sometimes necessary to install high-rise pallet racking. This will utilize all the usable space.

Pallet racking for class A warehouse

A Class A warehouse is a highly functional storage facility that must meet clear logistical requirements. Its construction utilizes advanced technologies with the use of modern materials.

The peculiarity of such warehouses is that they are modern one-storey buildings, in which in addition to storage systems there are office and utility rooms, there is its own substation and autonomous fire extinguishing system, the floor covering is dust-repellent, etc. The ceiling height of such structures is more than 10 m, with column spacing of at least 9 m and the distance between spans of at least 24 m.

Class “A” racking is used for this type of warehouse. According to the principle of storing goods – these are front-loading constructions with multi-level storage system, where the frame height reaches 12m. At the same time, each section can support a load of up to 18000 kg.

Utilization high-rise pallet racking is justified when it is necessary to staff a warehouse while maximizing storage capacity. A Class A warehouse should be a source of high profits. Therefore, it is important to make the best use of storage space.

Where high-rise pallet racks are used

When selecting shelving units, the question arises as to which ones will maximize the storage requirements of the warehouse cargo? The experts at Antes Plus know which ones advantages of class A racking is important to navigate. There are only two significant parameters: the range of cargo and its quantity. That’s what it’s all about.

A warehouse is not just an office space equipped with storage systems, it is the centerpiece of logistics. Properly equipped warehouses depend on the specifics of the business.

When installing equipment in Class A warehouses, the requirements related to the characteristics of the products placed in them must be taken into account. Suitable storage, climate control equipment and handling facilities are essential.

As a rule, class A warehouses are single-storey buildings with a level floor and dust-proofing. The warehouses of this class use racking equipment of any type, including high-rise. Its installation is quite easy due to the availability of level floors.

Why pallet racking has gained a lot of popularity

The use of palletizing is the most convenient and widely used method for transportation and storage of goods today. For this reason, high-rise pallet racks are most often installed in large warehouses and logistics centers. Determining the specific storage system depends primarily on the variety and quantity of cargo.

Depending on the design features of pallet racks can be divided into two groups, each of which has its own features.

Type Description
Frontal Provide unobstructed access to any cargo. Possible layouts: narrow or wide aisle, double depth with movable pallets.
Stuffed A traditional means of storing homogeneous goods. More often found on bases with low to medium assortment.

In addition, due to the the specificity of class A shelving all of them can also be installed in refrigerated warehouses.

Businesses utilizing Class A warehouses install pallet racking because of its advantages:

  • installation is carried out according to an optimal scheme that takes into account the characteristics of the room and provides for convenient operation
  • structures can be arranged according to individual plans
  • high maximum permissible load
  • designed for storage of various types of goods
  • easy adaptation for storing small-sized loads by means of decks and shelves
  • quick assembly and disassembly of sections
  • easy to maintain and do not require the use of expensive special equipment
  • low cost compared to other storage systems for warehouses

Specifics of class A racking

It is the most popular type of storage system and provides excellent adaptability to palletized loads with varying degrees of load.

For their manufacture they use high quality materials that meet European standards. The reliability of the structure is ensured by mandatory additional elements: rack protections, inter-stack and portal connections, as well as other engineering solutions.

Class “A” racking allows you to optimize not only the usable space, but also to fill the height of the storage room to the maximum. In this case, the technique (stacker) must be designed to work with high-rise racks.

A key advantage is the ability to directly access the right pallet, allowing the system to be used for loads of a different spectrum. No pallets will need to be moved or shifted, which is extremely convenient for inventory control.

A wide range of profiles are available to ensure optimum loading and height. With the appropriate accessories, it is easy to adapt the design to the size of the room and the availability of material handling equipment.

Key benefits:

  • easy access to any pallets
  • commodity flow optimization
  • the structure can be transformed to suit the required room and different cargo dimensions
  • possibility of modification with additional elements: decks, shelves and holders

In addition, the products comply with the applicable standard: DSTU EN 15635 : 2016 (EN 15635: 2008, IDT) “Sistemi warehouski statsionarni stalelevi”.

To order pallet racks class A in Ukraine, please contact our company. “Antes Plus” has experience in manufacturing and selling such products.

Distinctive features of pallet racking class A

Modern cargo storage systems need to meet the needs of the business. Above all, they allow for an intensive, orderly flow of cargo. The entire subsequent chain of goods movement to the consumer depends on the speed and possibility of unimpeded access to the cargo.

Also, modern storage systems ensure that warehouse space is utilized with the highest productivity. Reducing the width between the rows of shelving allows you to load the warehouse with even more goods. The specifics of class A racks are such that after their installation the volume of usable space increases by up to 70% just by reducing the width of aisles between the structures. The loading and unloading processes are carried out directly in the rack space.

That’s why pallet racking for Class A warehouse has gained a lot of popularity. In addition, the structures themselves are made of steel and are highly durable. And due to special stiffening ribs, the pallets acquire high strength properties. With additional attachments, the performance characteristics of the structures, such as durability and safety, can be enhanced.

A number of advantages of Class A racking can be highlighted that affect the overall efficiency of warehouse logistics:

  • simplicity, reliability and safety
  • reduction of energy costs due to efficient use of room space.
  • reduction in the number of loading and unloading equipment units
  • increased speed of loading and unloading operations
  • excellent visibility of rack contents
  • storage utilizes not only the floor space but also the height of the room
  • easy access to any storage unit
  • high resistance to deformation due to loads
  • control over shipments with critical shelf life
  • possibility to place different loads on one tier
  • integration with traditional storage systems.

Advantages of class A racking

One of the key factors in buying equipment from a manufacturer is the reasonable cost. Class A pallet racks from manufacturer Antes Plus cost less than the market average.

Antes Plus can offer a good price due to the fact that the entire supply chain is optimized, there are no trade intermediaries. Buying pallet racks Class A warehouse – A cost-effective and practical solution for rooms with a large floor area. Also, these storage systems are used in logistics centers and cargo terminals where there is a high turnover of cargo and different types of cargo are stored.

High-rise pallet racking allows you to optimize usable floor space while providing secure storage, accounting and easy access to goods.

Distinguishing Features:

  • use for storage of various cargoes, variability of design
  • high speed of installation and dismantling
  • availability of goods at any time
  • additional elements allow to build a system with different technical and lifting parameters for any height and width
  • possibility to organize storage of oversized cargo with the help of decks and shelves
  • easy operation

Pallet racking for Class A warehouse is a convenient and really simple design with increased durability. The different combination of parts allows you to organize the competent storage of goods in the warehouse, while meeting the requirements of high quality.

The company Antes Plus offers to order pallet racks class A in Ukraine on favorable terms. Our production is designed to produce constructions with different parameters to equip warehouses of any area.

Pallet racks of class A from the manufacturer Antes Plus

We are a manufacturer of racking products, so we sell custom racking systems. Antes Plus specialists will choose the optimal solution for both standard and non-standard projects.

We work with each client on an individual basis. For custom shelving we take into account the parameters of your room – its dimensions and layout. Specificity of class A racks allows to take into account the intensity of use and the peculiarities of stored goods.

In addition to this, we can note our strengths:

  1. In the manufacture of racks we use high quality rolled metal.
  2. We guarantee reliability if all standards have been met when installing the equipment.
  3. We produce racks and accessories for them.
  4. We fulfill orders according to individual customer requirements.
  5. We perform modifications to shelving units after assembly, if necessary.

It is worth mentioning the minor disadvantages of pallet racking for Class A warehouse. Pallet racks have a relatively high cost, have limitations on the channel depth and cargo dimensions. And despite this, this racking system is the most economically advantageous.

The quality features of Class A pallet racks from manufacturer Antes Plus allow you to reach a quick payback. At the same time, service and repair costs are minimal. Our technical support service is competent and promptly helps to solve your questions.

Antes Plus is a reliable manufacturer of racking equipment.

How to order pallet racks class A in Ukraine

Pallet racks are the most common structures for storage of bulky and heavy goods. With their help, it is possible to utilize usable space to the maximum.

Antes Plus is in the business of manufacturing high-rise pallet racking. Their main purpose is to store pallets of cargo. We have order pallet racks class A in Ukraine. Parameters for frame height, depth and reinforcement are discussed individually.

The main advantages of working with us:

  • many years of experience (since 1999)
  • affordable cost
  • quality control at the production, installation and maintenance stages
  • personalized approach
  • professionalism

Our experts will suggest and select just the right design to fit your business requirements. It is possible to manufacture racks for optimal cost. Even so, you get first-class quality and competent specialist support.

Pallet racks class A from the manufacturer Antes Plus – reliable assistant in your business.

The design of the main elements of the racks see in section General technical conditions.

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