Gravity racks

Gravity racking is one of the varieties of palletized structures. They are great for storing small assortments of goods as well as products with a limited shelf life. The purpose of gravity racking is to increase the utilization of usable storage space. This in turn saves time in processing orders.

Main advantages of gravity racking

Due to the special design, the movement of goods on racks of this type is carried out on pallets on special rollers. The pallets are self-moving due to the slight slope. The filling process is carried out due to the force of attraction. This becomes a significant plus when loading and unloading cargo. The operator does not have to drive into the rack itself.

Among the main advantages of gravity racking we will highlight the following:

  • increased storage capacity
  • efficiency increase of up to 80%
  • due to automation, a small number of employees are required
  • suitable for small spaces, because occupies about 70% of the total warehouse area
  • high cargo turnover results due to fast loading and unloading operations
  • ease of operation

At the same time, gravity racks withstand a long service life even when exposed to unfavorable environmental factors. These structures are able to cope with the disruption of loading technology, during which the pallet may be pushed deep into the channel by the forklift.

Buy gravity racks from the manufacturer “Antes Plus” – a guarantee of high quality products. The racking structure consists of the vertical frames, the rollers of the systems laid on the beams and the horizontal beams themselves. On average, models are designed to hold up to 1,200 lbs.

Purpose of gravity racking

First of all, racks of this type provide optimal turnover of goods, which is realized by moving pallets under the influence of gravity.

The main advantages of gravity racking are based on its compact structure. It includes sections with roller guides that are placed on the guides at an incline, which provides for the movement of pallets.

The pallets move from the highest point of the outermost section and then, taking gravity into account, they move towards the other end. There they continue to remain until they are removed.

It is worth buying gravity racking from a manufacturer if the warehouse meets the following criteria:

  • perishable goods are in storage
  • there is an intermediate storage area between the two workspaces
  • warehouse is consolidation
  • the challenge is to move pallets quickly in the shipping area

In all of these cases, the use of gravity racking will be justified.

Numerous advantages and versatility of this type of racking unit allow you to find application in a variety of industries: automotive and pharmaceutical industry, food production and many others.

Gravity racks are well combined with pallet structures installed next to each other, if it is necessary to organize storage of products with short shelf life and high turnover.

The purpose of gravity racking is to organize perfect rotation of stored goods. According to the FIFO rule, which is more commonly used, the first pallet loaded goes to the shipper first: “first in, first out”. After the first pallet is removed, all subsequent pallets are advanced. Thanks to the possibility of implementing this principle, the racks will be indispensable for warehouses with perishable products.

How to buy gravity racks from the manufacturer

Gravity systems are used when there are a large number of pallets with a small range of loads. The racks can work both on the FIFO and LIFO principle. In any case, the purpose of gravity racking is to save space and time handling pallets. During the operation of these structures, it is not necessary to drive a high lift truck into the aisles.

To select the installation, it is necessary to consider the main options of the system device. The main advantages of gravity racking are retained in any modification. However, it is worth considering some differences for specific warehouse tasks.

Pallets can be mounted either longitudinally or transversely. A further path is developed based on the payload requirements. It is worth paying attention to the condition of the pallets used on the track. They should not have any damage.

In addition, the tracks can be equipped with pallet separators, guides and end stops. The racks are sloped 3-5% to create the pressure from their own weight necessary for the movement of goods.

Before you buy gravity racks from the manufacturer “Antes Plus”, let’s pay attention to the distinctive features in the types of installations.

Traditional systemThis system is a frequently used system. The principle of operation is simple: the pallet is loaded on rollers from the entrance channel and then moves downward under the influence of its own gravity in the direction of the exit channel.For the traditional system, lifting equipment is used: stacker cranes, forklift trucks, etc. The pallet is loaded on rollers from the entrance channel and then moves downward under the influence of its own gravity in the direction of the exit channel.
Push-backThe push-back system is used where pallets are installed transversely. The loads are loaded and unloaded through the same channel via the LIFO system. The push-back system is installed in the racking system at an incline and the rear pallet moves downwards under the weight. After the second pallet is placed, the first pallet moves backward. Thus, the second one occupies the position of the first one.This storage system preserves the structure of the shelving unit, as the movement does not damage its elements. There is only one entry and exit channel.

Antes Plus offers to buy gravity racks from the manufacturer. The exact cost can be calculated after coordination with the customer. The specific features of the particular room and other factors are taken into account.

Each project of warehouse arrangement is unique in its own way and is developed individually. For ordering and consultation, contact us via our contact form or call our office.

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