Mezzanine warehouse

Mezzanine warehouse from the manufacturer

Mezzanine storage systems are multi-storey racking structures that are used in warehouses and logistics centres for compact placement of goods; The use of mezzanine shelving will be the best solution for rooms with high ceilings; By installing multi-storey structures, storage space is utilised to the maximum;

Mezzanine warehouse improves warehouse

Mezzanines compare favourably with other types of shelving because they provide unobstructed access to any storage cell; At the same time, the placement of goods can be either palletised or shelved;

In most cases, mezzanines house goods that involve manual handling; However, it is worth noting that the structure can support the weight of hydraulic carts, electric trucks or stackers;

The drive to improve warehouse equipment is aimed at optimising warehouse operations; Thanks to modern equipment it is possible to utilise the floor space to the maximum; The efficiency of a warehouse is increased with a warehouse mezzanine. at least twofold.

Cargo handling also becomes more organised and convenient;

An excellent solution was the introduction of multi-level racking systems into warehouse operations; Mezzanine-type structures are assembled from metal elements; For ease of use, they are supplemented with stairways, guard rails and aisles between shelving units;

You can buy a warehouse mezzanine in our company; We offer various design options for mezzanine systems, adapted to any load and room size;

What is a warehouse mezzanine?

Mezzanine shelving is a multi-level storage system; This type of shelving has been specially designed to make the best use of storage space; This solution is where the main advantages of the system lie; Metal high-bay racks not only allow you to store goods, but also serve as a base (floor) for the upper floors;

Mezzanine systems are manufactured in strict accordance with the needs of the specific room; The characteristics of the goods to be stored are also taken into account; For this reason, the shelving units are equipped with additional auxiliary elements for easy handling;

How to choose warehouse mezzanines? They are the ideal solution for rooms with ceiling heights of more than 4 metres; For example, a double-deck shelving unit doubles the usable storage space;

Mezzanine warehouse allows to organise simultaneous storage of goods both on pallets and in manual access; For example, the shelf mezzanine allows loading and unloading operations to be carried out simultaneously on several tiers; In this case, manual loading and loading equipment are used; At the same time, work on the various floors is carried out in safe mode with easy access;

The main advantages of the system

Mezzanine structures expand the possibilities of the warehouse; They make the most of the height of the room; The installation of additional floors increases storage areas; Thus, the efficiency of the warehouse increases with warehouse mezzanine by 2-3 times due to the expansion of usable areas;

The structures can be installed either on the entire warehouse area or only on certain parts of it; The best solution to optimise the available space is to buy a warehouse mezzanine in Kiev;


  • Increasing the utilisation rate of warehouse space to over 90%
  • Easy access to goods on all levels of the structure without the use of specialised warehouse equipmentT
  • The possibility of independent maintenance of each level
  • Optimum utilisation of storage space by jointly organising storage and handling areas
  • If necessary, the organisation of additional storage, office and even production facilities on any of the floors on the basis of the structures
  • Possibility to quickly create a multi-level warehouse complex, which does not require special permits and costly construction works (organisation of the room in the premises)
  • The system can be quickly expanded, modified or relocated and installed at a new location, taking into account the design of the system

Mezzanine warehouse – is a fully dismantleable, collapsible system for which reuse is permitted; This makes it possible to change the structure of the shelving units, their size and placement as required;

The efficiency of a warehouse increases with a warehouse mezzanine at least twice

Mezzanine racks due to their design allow you to increase the volume of the warehouse in height, which gives a good economic effect from their use:

  • allow you to double the usable floor space by at least half
  • provide accessibility to loads from different sides of the rack
  • customised sizes and assembly options to meet specific needs
  • simultaneous placement of bulky goods with small or packaged goods
  • compatibility with other racking systems

Any individual mezzanine project can be completed with a choice of floor coverings as well as safety railings, handrails and staircases;

Separately, the most significant advantage you will get by using mezzanines is space saving; Possibility to install raised floors that increase the usable floor space;

In addition, it is now possible to dispense with several separate rooms and create independent zones in one warehouse; For example, the ground floor can be used for order picking and the second and subsequent floors can be adapted for storage; This results in significant cost savings;

The manoeuvrability of the warehouse equipment is improved through the development of a warehouse-specific design; How to choose a warehouse mezzanine if the building has internal constraints and non-standard parameters? Bespoke systems can be perfectly integrated into any room with its own specific features, so that all areas are utilised;

What is a warehouse mezzanine? It is also the versatility that distinguishes these systems; A variety of profiles, floor types and several finishes make it possible to create structures that can be used in warehouses, workshops and production centres;

The main types of mezzanines

Mezzanine warehouse shelving units are divided into three groups;



Ramps (shelving-antresols)

The most common variety; The columns are installed with the widest possible spacing in order to utilise the space under the mezzanine to accommodate an office, production or lower level warehouse;

The mezzanine can have up to 5 tiers;

Mezzanines are most often used for storing oversized goods;


Classic shelf mezzanine; Best suited for warehouses with a large product range; A separate picking channel is required for each product group;

Mezzanines based on front pallets can also be referred to this type; They are designed for storing large and heavy loads such as large car parts, archive boxes, etc.

Combined systems

Front shelving units are the basis for combined shelving units; Typically, pallets are used in the lower storage area; And on the upper tiers shelf racks are placed; This principle can be used to allocate product groups within a single warehouse;

In addition, mezzanine shelving can be divided according to the way of arrangement:

  1. Freestanding.

Mezzanines on columns belong to this group; Platforms with several floors are designed not only for placing loads, but also for organising working areas;

This type is manufactured strictly to order due to the exact calculations required;

  1. Hinged;

Otherwise the racks from this group are called pallet racks; They consist of support beams and decking; They are used to expand usable space by adding additional floors;

How to choose a warehouse mezzanine

When choosing multi-level designs, you should pay attention to the following points:

  1. Structural profiles.

Their main function is their ability to withstand load; The main advantages of the systemThe properties of the steel used in our customised products are related to the properties of the steel; Frame struts and crossbeams are made of steel, the minimum values of which for struts are 250-300 N / мм2, for crossbeams – 235-250 N / мм2;

  1. Connecting elements and metalware;

High loads on the structure require the use of fasteners (bolts, nuts, anchors) with increased properties;

For such constructions it is recommended to use metalware of class 8.8 or higher; The diameter of the connecting bolts also matters;

  1. Additional resilience systems;

It should be noted that the structures use elements that prevent deformation and destruction of racking systems in cases of unforeseen external influences; Under conditions of active operation, impacts, collisions of motor vehicles, possible seismic phenomena cannot be excluded;

So-called “wind ties” are used as such means – cross vertical and horizontal ties, membranes;

  1. Elements of structural protection.

In order to prevent accidents caused by the accidental collision of loading equipment, reliable protection of the racking racks must be provided; The mandatory installation of wheel chocks on mezzanine fronts is required on those sides along which such machinery is expected to travel;

Hence, the efficiency of the warehouse increases with the warehouse mezzanine, protected by secure elements.

  1. Anti-corrosion properties of structural elements;

We use high quality galvanised steel or polymer (powder) coatings as corrosion protection for the racking racks;

If galvanised profiles are used as supports, attention should be paid to the coating class; The best is to use a zinc coating with a density of 250-275 grams per m2.

The rack beams are mainly coated with powder colours; We use this technology because it is optimal for this type of product;

Panel options

Floor panels are installed between the rows of mezzanine shelving; The choice of material for their manufacture will depend on the loads foreseen; Floor panels are made of wood or metal;

The most common variants and materials of shelf decking:

  • metal set shelves
  • chipboard shelves stacked flush with the crossbars
  • chipboard shelves stacked on top of crossbars

Chipboard shelves are a more robust option; They also differ significantly in price in relation to metal shelves; The disadvantages include the risk of fire safety violations; Nevertheless, this issue can be separately agreed with the relevant authorities;

In addition, the low strength and stability of the particleboard material can be alarming; But, as experience shows, even with a certain amount of replacement of damaged shelves with new ones in the course of operation, the total cost of using chipboard will still be lower than with metal shelves;

In most cases, the following solutions are the optimal combination:

  • frame decks – galvanised metal grids;
  • shelf material – chipboard boards;

Mezzanine structures comply with global safety

Special calculations are used to ensure the stability and reliability of the entire structure; With the help of professional software, a mezzanine project is created, in which all elements of the racking system are taken into account; The following factors are considered to create a design:

  • assumed load kg / м2
  • type of flooring in the room
  • required mezzanine floor height
  • number of bearing and secondary beams
  • presence/absence of obstacles or layout of the room
  • ability to withstand temporary loads
  • special specifications

Safety factors, tolerances and calculation rules must be taken into account in every project;

The finished racking system is provided with technical documentation with technical parameters;

Where to buy a warehouse mezzanine in Kiev

“Antes Plus” fulfils a full range of services from manufacturing to installation.

We work out the technical solution, prepare a scheme for optimal installation and then assemble and install the structure at the customer’s site; It is easy to order mezzanine warehouse in our company – just call us by phone;

Our experts will always suggest the most suitable solution and take your requirements into account;

What is a warehouse mezzanine?

  • optimal utilisation of storage space
  • easy scalability of the design
  • economic benefit
  • Convenience and safety in the organisation of the warehouse

The company “Antes Plus” offers various variants of constructive solutions of multi-storey racks designed for storage of various cargoes; You can buy a warehouse mezzanine in Kiev from a trusted manufacturer; Our specialists have many years of experience in the development and implementation of projects of any complexity; A team of professional installers will assist in the delivery and installation of racking equipment;

Buy warehouse mezzanines in Kiev at the best prices can be in the company “Antes Plus”; Our company is well established in the warehouse equipment market; Safe storage organisation is our professional task;

How to order mezzanine warehouse

Before you order a mezzanine for a warehouse, you need to find a reliable manufacturer; Equipping warehouses with multi-level shelving is not an easy task; The company “Antes Plus” treats the production and installation of warehouse equipment with all responsibility; In such a serious matter as warehouse organisation, only a professional approach is required; Therefore, to order a warehouse mezzanine it is enough to call our phones;

Don’t buy into the low price; This type of shelving can withstand serious loads, which is the main advantage of the system; At the same time, the equipment must remain safe and reliable; In addition, it is worth considering that the cost of goods placed in storage is many times higher than the cost of shelving; Economising on mezzanine structures can lead to collapse, damage to goods and equipment, and workplace injuries.

What is a warehouse mezzanine? This is, above all, reliability and safety; You don’t want to skimp on them;

After submitting an application, our specialist will carry out a detailed inspection of the room where the structure will be installed; If you’re still thinking, how to select a storage mezzanine The Antes Plus staff will offer several options to choose from.

The project takes into account the parameters of the room, the condition of the floor covering and the specific requirements of the customer; The anticipated racking loads are taken into account, as well as warehouse logistics and delivery volumes;

The bearing capacity of the warehouse mezzanines produced by our company is confirmed by many years of testing in real conditions;

All our products receive a technical passport indicating technical characteristics, operating conditions, permissible maximum load on structural elements and room features;

Order mezzanine warehouse at a reasonable price can be found in our company; We are manufacturers and have many years of experience in manufacturing warehouse shelving units;

Мезонинные стеллажи (мезонин складской)
Мезонинные стеллажи (мезонин складской)
Мезонинные стеллажи (мезонин складской)
Мезонинные стеллажи (мезонин складской)

Multi-storey racking structures, industrial platforms, mezzanines are used in warehouses where logistics is based on the storage and handling of large volumes of goods in retail containers;

The main advantages of the system:

  • Mezzinine allows you to increase your space utilisation rate by more than 90%;
  • Access to the placement of goods on all levels of racking structures without the use of specialised storage equipment;
  • Ability for warehouse workers to independently maintain each level as a separate;
  • Optimum utilisation of storage space while organising storage and handling areas at the same time;
  • The possibility of relatively quick creation of a multi-storey warehouse complex without obtaining special permits and carrying out complex construction works (room within a room);
  • Possibility to organise additional storage, production, office and other working premises on the basis of structures (on any floor);
  • Taking into account the structural features of the system (such structures are, as a rule, prefabricated), it is possible to quickly expand, change or relocate the structure and install it in a new place;

The design of the main elements of the racks see in section General technical conditions.

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