Racks for cable reels

The most specific type of storage system is cable reel racks. They store cables, drums, which are particularly difficult to store. These products have solid dimensions. In addition, they must be positioned correctly in the room to avoid damage to the cable.

Benefits of cable reel racks allow you to preserve fiber optics. In addition, the visibility of the stored goods can be achieved and, if necessary, the cable can be found in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the products are stored in conditions that allow them to extend their service life. And, of course, special racks significantly save useful storage space.

Characteristics of racks for cable reels

Storage systems for drums are suitable for all diameters. If you order a rack for cable reels in our company, then at the output you can get a product designed strictly for your conditions.

For the largest reels, designs with a depth of 1 meter or more are suitable. The structures can reach up to 10 meters in height. Even such tall units are easy to install. On request, the racks can be perforated, which allows the storage levels to be adjusted in the required increments.

The construction is based on vertical frames between which beams are horizontally fixed. The drum axles are mounted directly on them. The finished product can be additionally equipped with shelves.

Cable reel racks are predominantly available with an inclined front plane. This requirement is due to the convenience of drum installation. This additionally ensures safety: in the event of a fall, the drum will be inside the unit.

The designs are divided into two main types.

Rack for cable coilsThe construction with drums is manufactured by welding. Process drums have two options of arrangement: in the horizontal and in the vertical plane. It depends on the model. To ensure mobility, the products are equipped with wheeled supports. Convenient cable measurement is provided by the length gauge.
Coil rackA frame structure which may comprise one or more sections with axle. Storage and unwinding of the drums is ensured by pressure shoes. The rows are formed by attaching additional blocks. The main part consists of two side elements, ties with spoons, securely connected to each other. Most often the structure consists of three tiers, on which the drums are placed.

By their characteristic, the racks for cable reels are quite labor-intensive to manufacture. Therefore, each specific order is executed according to the individual wishes of the customer. Thanks to this it is possible to ensure acceptable cost of finished constructions.

Advantages of cable reel racks

Prefabricated structures for coils have a sectional structure and consist of vertical supports and beams fixed on them. The reel beams in turn serve for fixing the reels with retainers on them. Stability of the structure is ensured by rigid fasteners.

For competent cable placement, the use of such equipment is the best solution. According to regulations it is forbidden to store drums with cable flat, as deformation and further damage to the product may occur.

When the need arises order cable reel rack? It will be required if you need to store such items:

  • wires
  • ropes and ropes in coils
  • metal cables
  • coils with chains

Storage systems can also be used for unwinding coils. One of the advantages is the ability to access any product quickly and seamlessly.

Antes Plus has its own production, so it manufactures products with the parameters required by the customer. The required height, number of tiers and other important design features are embodied in the finished solution.

The following advantages of cable reel racks can be highlighted:

  • simple design solution
  • compactness
  • simultaneous placement of coils of different diameters
  • suitable for storing a large range of relevant products

Order cable reel rack

Do you need cable reel storage equipment, but you don’t know which design features are more preferable? Our professional team is ready to come to the site and make measurements for free, and then proceed to develop a design solution. All wishes will be taken into account so that characteristics of cable reel racks met the requirements. The finished products should maximize the use of space while being functional and safe.

You can order and buy the required construction directly from the manufacturer. Antes Plus Company is engaged in production of storage equipment according to the customer’s dimensions. It is enough to leave a request to our specialists.

Order racks for cable reels in our company. Многолетний опыт и собственное производство обеспечивают высокое качество продукции. It is possible to manufacture equipment for store and warehouse of various configurations. Any non-standard solution is within our reach.

Our own production base and highly qualified team ensure the production of products that meet the accepted quality standards. The high performance of cable reel racks is confirmed by the feedback from our regular customers.

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