Archive shelving

Archival metal shelving is a modern way to store goods such as document folders and boxes of papers. They also work well for housing library stock, piece loads and lightweight boxes.

Features of the design of archive shelving

High-strength steel is used in the production of racking products; The surface is coated with polymer colorants that protect the elements of the structure from corrosion and mechanical damage; The paint color is universal gray, but other variants are available to order.

The shelving units are available in various size ranges. Before buying, our experts will take measurements and choose the most optimal options. Buy archive shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus can be both from the catalog of ready-made products and to order.

Archive shelving made of metal is a prefabricated and collapsible construction, in which the shelves are bolted together. Their load-bearing capacity is defined as medium load. Therefore, it is convenient to use them for various purposes. They can be used to store documents directly as well as various items and small-sized loads.

Features of the design of archive racks allow to complete them with the number of shelves, which is necessary and depends on the needs of the customer. Thanks to the additional elements, it is easy to equip the storage system to accommodate various items.

Advantages of archive shelving:

  • affordable price
  • reliability and durability
  • fire resistance
  • are suitable for sanitary treatment

In addition, it is possible to complete the construction with additional elements.

Delivery setAdditional accessories
4 uprightsHardness anglesFastenersSupports and footrestsShelf made of metal (withstands loads in the range of 100-300 kg)Limiting strips (back and side) – used to prevent books from falling down, relevant for use in libraries book holders shelf divider (for double-sided version)

The load capacity per section ranges from 1.2 tons in the conventional version to 1.6 tons in the version with strut reinforcement.

An important peculiarity of the design of archive shelving units during operation is their static use. Dynamic influences are unacceptable. Loading is done evenly. In another embodiment, it is important to distribute the loads with decreasing weight over height. In case of filling to more than half of the permissible value, the structure is fastened to the wall. If it is not possible to fix to the wall, several shelving units must always be fastened together.

Advantages of archive shelving

Document storage units usually stand where there is room for it. Folders and archival boxes are placed on the shelves.

The shelving units are easy to assemble. In addition to being used as storage models, they are purchased for household tasks. They fit perfectly into the interior of living rooms. The advantages of archive shelving are evident in these situations:

  • arrangement of household items
  • storage of food and canned food in the pantry
  • for storage of household equipment
  • in the utility room
  • in the workshop and garage

Compared to similar furniture options, archival shelving is an advantage, and here’s why:

  • simple and easy assembly
  • sturdy construction and durability of use
  • practicality and versatility
  • concise design
  • affordable cost

Classic design allows you to install the equipment in any room: in the office, in the warehouse, in the library, in medical organizations. The design is easy to transport and move to another location. In order to buy archive shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus, just contact our specialists. We will determine the required number of shelves and sections.

In addition, there are two varieties of archive shelving, each of which is characterized by its own advantages.

Installed in sections butt-to-butt with the intended passage. Designed to accommodate documents that are frequently used. For example, file cabinets in polyclinics and hospitals.Mobile structures, have a larger capacity than stationary ones. They hold a significant amount of documents in a limited space. Good for placing papers that are rarely accessed (e.g., archival holdings).

Any prefabricated set fulfills its function both as a single unit and as part of a section of several racks. The special design feature allows them to be connected to each other. This option is really very convenient if there is a need to extend a row.

Buy archive shelving from the manufacturer Antes Plus

Why is it necessary to purchase these products? Medium-weight structures are popular in such areas:

  • storage of documents in archives
  • compact placement of folders in the office
  • storage of tools and equipment in workshops
  • library equipment
  • a service office structure for office equipment (e.g. in a server room)
  • warehousing of lightweight goods in boxes
  • household functions in the room, pantry, garage, summerhouse

Buy archive racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus, as well as other warehouse equipment, you can at the most affordable prices. Since our company is a manufacturer, we are able to provide the lowest cost.

Manufacturing of warehouse systems is our profile. You can order the production of a product of any complexity for special business needs. Having our own production facilities, we are able to produce metal structures with non-standard dimensions. We take into account all features of the design of archive shelving based on your wishes.

Benefits of working with us:

  • best price offers
  • free room measurement
  • development of individual project
  • quality, confirmed by many years of experience
  • we fulfill non-standard orders
  • wide range of ready-made shelving
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