Cantilever racks for long lengths

How to place long materials such as boards, rolls, profiles in the warehouse? For this purpose, you need to buy a cantilever rack for long lengths. This type of storage equipment is ideal for long and oversized loads.

The main characteristics of the cantilever racks for long lengths

The area of application of these structures are warehouses and production facilities where it is necessary to place pipes, metal profiles, sheet material, chipboard and MDF. They can also be found in furniture manufacturing companies. Cantilever storage systems have quite long storage levels with no obstructing partitions.

In contrast to standard palletized structures, cantilever racking can be used to store loads with different volumes, including non-standard loads, without restrictions; The advantages of cantilever racks for long lengths have made them popular not only in warehouses, but also in commercial premises. The structures can also be installed in open areas. And high load capacity, which reaches 4.5 tons, allows to use them as a basis for the construction of sheds and load-bearing walls in warehouses.

The main characteristics of cantilever racks for long lengths are derived from the features of their design. It is prefabricated and collapsible. Metal posts are made of U-shaped profile, which in turn is produced by cold profiling technology.

The consoles are bolt-on. They are easy to reset to a convenient height, as the perforation pitch is 75 mm. According to the arrangement of the cantilevers, the structure is of two types: one-sided and two-sided.

Single-sided (wall-mounted)L-shaped posts, connected to each other by diagonal struts. Consoles for placing loads are on one side only.Mounted close to the wall, fastened to it. Can withstand serious loads.Can be equipped with additional shelves. Cantilevers are fixed to the rack by bolts, which allows to change the configuration taking into account the peculiarities of the cargo.
Double-sidedT-pillars connected by struts. The brackets in this variant are located on both sides, thus doubling the volume of loaded items. This type has a high stability. It is installed in the center of the room and provides access to the cargo from both sides. The racks are supposed to be arranged in such a way that there is enough space between them for vehicles to pass through.

The advantage of cantilever racks for long lengths is that The maximum load per cantilever is up to 1.2 tons and per post up to 4.0 tons. The load value depends on the length of the cantilever and the profile size. The racks are designed for static loading. Shocks and dynamic impact are not permitted.

As for the surface coating, it can be done in two ways. The first is more common and consists of coating with polymer powder paint. After application, the product is baked at high temperature. This method provides sustainable protection against damage and abrasion. The second alternative method is made with liquid paint.

Advantages of cantilever racks for long lengths

Cantilever racks are designed for production and storage facilities. They accommodate a variety of long loads. The multi-deck design allows sorting of goods by weight, length and other distinctive characteristics.

Advantages of cantilever racks for long lengths:

  1. Versatile use. Cantilever systems are suitable for storage of various materials.
  2. Reliable and simple design. The main characteristic of cantilever racks for long lengths is their the ability to withstand significant loads. They can handle large volumes of cargo. Consequently, the space will be utilized to its maximum.
  3. Practicality. There are no material length restrictions when using cantilevers. The tiers can be changed in height if required.
  4. Wear and tear resistance. The surface is protected by a polymer coating that prevents corrosion and damage.
  5. Sustainability. Depending on the type of product, either floor or wall mounting is performed. Rigid structures are securely fixed and can be used safely because they have increased resistance to deformation. This in turn affects the service life.

Why buy cantilever racking for long lengths

Cantilever systems are very much in demand at a wide variety of sites. Their popularity is due to their ability to withstand serious loads. The main characteristics of cantilever racks for long lengths set them apart from other warehouse equipment.

Thoughtful designThe products are manufactured according to a pre-designed project and therefore provide maximum reliability, safety and security of cargo
Convenience in the process of useThe absence of front racks ensures convenient loading and unloading
Universal storageIt is worth buy cantilever racking for long lengths as it can store any kind of such cargo
Long service lifeThe products are characterized by a wide range of applications. Can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Despite exposure to adverse conditions, they are reliably protected from corrosion and damage by a polymer coating
Simple reconfigurationIf the need arises, it is easy to change the height of the tiers as well as change the number of sections

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