Pallet racks frontal

Паллетные фронтальные стеллажи
Паллетные фронтальные стеллажи
Паллетные фронтальные стеллажи
Паллетные фронтальные стеллажи

There are different types of shelving units, equally in demand at expositions, in warehouses, storage facilities, in sales halls; Including relevant and pallet frontal racks, which are considered to be the most convenient for storing bulky goods. This type of design, provides direct access directly to each object on the palletised pallets; This type of construction makes it possible to increase the efficiency of space utilisation in the room by 40-50%; With the right design and installation of this type of equipment, you can significantly speed up the loading and unloading of goods and utilise warehouse space more efficiently;

Quality racking front

Rugged Frontal racking is created primarily from steel alloys. This metal has good performance properties; More resistant to corrosion, mechanical stress and vibration; Steel is chemically neutral and the service life of such structures is virtually unlimited; The service life of steel structures can only be reduced by static overloads or by the impact of special machinery on the racking elements;

The front shelving units also lend themselves to additional processing; The material is coated with polymer paint, which will minimise the risk of corrosion; That is why it is allowed to use them both inside warehouses, sales halls with large-sized goods, and outside, in adjacent areas, including in the open air (provided that the racks are treated with appropriate paintwork);

Install this equipment so that goods, products are clearly visible and easy to access; The stability of the racks is ensured by anchoring them to the floor;

It is possible to fix the equipment with chemical anchors;

Order front pallet racks favourably and quickly

This equipment is customised to meet virtually any customer’s requirements; The structures can be arranged in two lines, or in one line. They are ideal for storing different goods, identical products, combined loads (batches); It’s easy to order front pallet racks, for virtually any room area. Production time will pleasantly surprise you



  • It is also suitable for logistics centres, wholesale and retail bases, archival organisations, educational institutions;
  • When ordering shelving units, it is necessary to take into account the specifics, configuration of the room, layout, ceiling height, i.e. the general geometry of the space;
  • It is possible to create standard, non-standard models, i.e. for small, medium, large spaces with special configurations; The height and depth of the shelves also vary; The maximum permissible load per square metre changes accordingly;
  • It is important that the floors in the room are levelled before installation, as this determines the stability and reliability of the structure;

If you need to order front pallet racking, you can discuss your drawings, schematics and even photos of designs with the specialists at Antes Plus; The project is designed by engineers with many years of experience;

When ordering frontal pallet racks, it is necessary to determine the specifics of the design and take care that, if necessary, it can be disassembled, transported to a new location, reassembled without loss of technical and operational characteristics;

Design features of front pallet racking

In general, they do not differ in complexity; But there are its peculiarities of front pallet racking design, that are taken into account in production. They are as follows:

  • The basis is a frame made of metal with high strength; Horizontal and vertical struts are introduced, which favours the stiffness of the structure;
  • There are also traverses, i.e. beams of horizontal type with rectangular cross-section; They also have a high load-bearing capacity and anchor the frames with horizontal beams; There are pallets on the traverses;
  • Shelves are optional; They are also created from metal, which undergoes an anti-corrosion treatment; The shelf is placed strictly horizontally;

Yes, the design features of front pallet racking are different; This applies to frames, crossbeams, shelves as well as protective elements that protect against strong mechanical impact; It should be remembered that shelving is often placed in warehouses where loading and unloading is carried out with the help of warehouse forklifts, which sometimes hit the shelves quite hard while moving goods; In such cases, it is recommended that safety features be provided;

By taking into account the many design features of front-type pallet racking – you can maximise their service life; Taking into account the features allows you to secure the space of the room and protect the property (goods on pallets); It should be remembered that there are often people in the aisles of sales halls, and all construction units as a whole should be as stable as possible;

Front pallet racking from manufacturer Antes Plus

Customised terms of reference will be provided for customers; Quality front pallet racking from manufacturer Antes Plus is all about adhering to all safety norms, be it lintels, shelves, frames and other components. These constructions will be relevant for any storage area, saving space thanks to the availability of several storage levels with the possibility of changing the distance between levels with a repositioning step of 5 mm;

No wonder that frontal pallet racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus seek to order and industrial enterprises, wholesale bases and even large warehouses, customs complexes; Plus, these models can even be used in low-temperature environments such as freezers and cold rooms; Sometimes conditions change, i.e. temperature, humidity vary. This will not impair reliability, safety, useful technical and operational properties in any way;

Pallet frontal racks from the manufacturer Antes Plus are distinguished by their affordable price; Such constructions will allow you to freely store large goods of different categories in boxes, cases, crates, on pallets and any other containers; It is not necessary to store only rectangular, square objects; There is also special equipment for storing coils of wires, cables, tyres, small volume goods;

For whom front shelving units are suitable, given their features

They are ideal for manufacturing, trading, displaying goods or simply for storage; Thus, on the shelves are placed and numerous archives, packed in files, boxes; It is impossible to say unequivocally, for whom front shelving units are suitable, because the range of their use is very wide.

Answering the question of for whom frontal racks are suitable, it is worth mentioning again customs warehouses, logistics companies that transport goods; They almost always need warehouses for temporary storage of assembled, consolidated, multimodal cargoes, including those with non-standard dimensions and shapes; Answering the question of who front shelving units are suitable for – they are suitable for everything from the small manufacturer to large corporations, from the village shop to large retailers, pharmacists, logistics centres, customs warehouses;

Sanatoriums, hospitals are also among the objects for which the frontal rack is suitable; This includes pharmacies, where it is necessary to place a large number of remedies, medicines, other pharmaceutical products; As you can see, the range of applications for these devices is quite wide;

Antes Plus is a reliable partner for the manufacture of front pallet racking

Antes Plus has been operating in this segment since 1999 and has established itself as a reliable and responsible business partner;

The products comply with the standard: DSTU EN 15635: 2016 (EN 15635:2008, IDT) “Steel stationary warehouse systems” Technical specifications;

Reliable construction is guaranteed; Everything is created in accordance with a properly drafted technical specification, taking into account the applicable safety standards; These are common conditions in warehouses, storage facilities, shopping centres; Additional stability is ensured by rigid anchoring to the floor with anchor bolts;

Classic front-loading pallet racking provides quick access even to the upper storage levels; Of course, much also depends on the project input information, how correctly the dimensions and layout of the room, the warehouse area are taken into account, and sufficient width of aisles between the rows for the operation of loading equipment must be taken into account; Each structure has accompanying documentation: technical passport, specification, installation instructions;

Front pallet racking service life, affordable price

Safety, long service life, affordable cost are some of the main advantages; It is a practical solution that will allow your company to fulfil its logistical tasks in a quality manner;

At the moment the company offers equipment of different bearing capacity:

80 series shelvingup to 6,000 kg per section
90 series shelvingup to 10,800 kg per section
120 series shelvingup to 18,000 kg per section

Quality is also ensured by anchor bolts and other mechanisms as well as connecting parts; It is possible to attach the rack to the wall, to the floor, to change the dimensions and width of the aisles;

You can order front pallet racks at any time regardless of the season; Можно заказать одну секцию стеллажа или десять рядов по двенадцать секций. Warranty is provided, full service and information support is provided by Antes Plus specialists; Numerous characteristics are taken into account, including the specifics of the coating, e.g. zinc or powder coating, also the thickness of the metal, the load per tier or section, the height and length, the number of pallets on one level;

A variety of business solutions

It is important to take into account the specifics of the company, business; Each model is a completed, field-tested project; It is possible to choose a different number of storage levels, various accessories that improve functionality; Frames, crossbeams, lintels, shelves, safety and protection elements for frames and uprights are the main structural elements that are manufactured according to the standard; Each shelving unit is a complete system, the quality of its components determines the success of its subsequent operation;

Structures must not be deformed, including during transport, dismantling and subsequent installation; Today it is the metal analogues that are recognised as the most comfortable and, importantly, safe; Special paints prevent corrosion and withstand disinfectants;

Prompt manufacture of pallet racking frontal type

Although some designs can be really impressive in size, with a large number of tiers, compartments, compartments, but this will not be the reason for long production; Antes Plus Company has special equipment, implements modern technologies, adopts foreign experience; Specialists have their own experience, which allows them to fulfil orders of any complexity quickly, at pleasant prices, with exact technological compliance with the customer’s requirements; You can call, write, request a callback or ask for more information at any time; Specialists will consult, help to form a technical specification, calculate the cost and, of course, produce front pallet racks strictly according to the standard;

Also on the site there is information about technical properties of the design, advantages of this or that type of equipment, recommendations regarding operation, properties of materials; The company successfully cooperates with representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, large industrial enterprises, logistics companies, supermarkets, holdings;

The design of the main elements of the racks see in section General technical conditions.

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